Action Day Submissions Photography Gallery

Mangrove Action Project is proud to celebrate 25 years of working to expand the awareness of mangrove forests and the people who depend upon them. Twenty-five years ago, raising the public awareness on mangroves and roles they play in fisheries, human safety, carbon-storage, coral reel protection, migratory bird habitat, and myriads of other benefits and value, seemed nearly insurmountable. Forests were being decimated, and destructive forces seemed unwilling to listen to the small voices of communities and NGO who cried out against it.

As part of Mangrove Action Day 2017 we raised awareness of the connections people have with mangrove forests by creating our third annual global photography exhibition. Throughout the month of July, we asked for and received incredible photos from around the world. Check out the amazing submissions from 2015 and 2016!

This year, we also introduced submissions via Instagram! Check out the Instagram gallery here.

We would like to thank each and every person who contributed to this project. We received over 150 submissions from individuals in 29 different countries, demonstrating the multi-functional benefits of these amazing forests, as well as the people who care about them.

Enjoy the all photos below!

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