Adopt a Program


Adopt a Program

Contribute directly to mangrove conservation and restoration by “adopting” one of MAP’s programs. Makes a great “alternative” gift!
Support the Volunteer Intern Program LEARN MORE about the program and how you can help.
Sponsor Needed for 2016 Children’s Art Calendar Get details.
Bequeath your gift donation to MAP as an ultimate gesture to mangrove conservation.

MAP is initiating a new way for you to support our programs and offices. Each time you donate to MAP we will put your donation directly to work for the mangroves and the mangrove communities where help is most needed.

Here’s how it works:

Select which program area(s) you would like to support:
MAP Roots
Ecological Mangrove Restoration
Teacher Training and Environmental Education
Fisherfolk Workshops
Communications, Organizing & International Networking

Choose a monthly funding level that feels right for you and your budget;
Decide which payment method works best for you (PayPal, FlipCause, check by mail) as described on the Donate page;
Regardless of the payment method you choose, the amount you specify will automatically be debited each month. You are free to stop payments at any time;
MAP will contact you occasionally to check-in and make sure that this program still works for you, as well as giving you options to increase or expand your support.
If you prefer to make an annual gift instead of monthly contributions, that’s great! MAP welcomes your support in any form.

MAP’s Goal for 2015-2016

In honor of MAP’s 23 years as a non-profit global network, we have set a goal of raising $30,000 during the next 12 months (Jan 2015 to Dec 2015).

If just 250 people sign up to contribute $10 per month, together we will reach our goal. As MAP Co-Founder Pisit Charnsnoh, of Yadfon Association in Thailand, once told MAP in 1992:

The mangroves sustain the people who sustain the mangroves!
Help MAP sustain and restore the mangroves today with your donation!
Download Adopt-a-Program flyer (pdf, 2p, 1.7MB)

MAP Roots

dummyMAP’s administrative overhead is low and the majority of our funding goes directly into effective program work in the field. Help MAP grow its “roots” by supporting improvements in our office infrastructure.

$10 per month = Help us improve our database by donating 4 hours of tech support
$20 per month = Train staff in website development
$35 per month = Sponsor a 1-month graduate level intern to work on research and program development
$50 per month = Subsidize expansion of the MAP Store on our website
$75 per month = One month’s rent for MAP Asia regional office
$85 per month = Underwrite new MAP outreach materials for tabling at events and fairs
$100 per month = Host a volunteer at MAP’s regional offices

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Ecological Mangrove Restoration

my1MAP is working to restore degraded or destroyed mangrove forests throughout tsunami-affected regions of Asia. Our Ecological Mangrove Restoration (EMR) workshops train community leaders and decision makers in MAP’s 6-Step EMR Method.

$10 per month = Development of factsheet on MAP’s 6-Step EMR Method
$20 per month = Printing of 15 copies of MAP’s EMR manual
$35 per month = Help conserve 1 acre of mangroves OR Restore 1 acre using EMR
$50 per month = Purchase set of tools for one EMR project
$75 per month = Send 1 community leader to an EMR workshop
$85 per month = Help conserve 1 hectare of mangroves OR Restore 1 hectare using EMR
$100 per month = Translate EMR manual into a local language

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Teacher Training and Environmental Education

trainingMAP has expanded its education program to include aspects both interesting and inspirational for young minds in their attempts to grasp the fuller significance of the mangrove forest community. MAP works directly with teachers, local NGOs, and school districts to adapt and implement our primary school curriculum, Marvelous Mangroves.

$10 per month = Sponsor environmental education activity for a school classroom
$20 per month = Buy art supplies for children’s art calendar contest at 6 schools
$35 per month = Support preparation of education module for website
$50 per month = Print 20 copies of mangrove curriculum
$75 per month = Produce video of curriculum teacher training workshop
$85 per month = Help send 5 teachers to a curriculum training workshop
$100 per month = Subsidize curriculum adaptation to another country and language

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Fisherfolk Workshops

workshopsMAP’s In the Hands of the Fishers Workshops (IHOFs) and MAP’s Toolkit of alternative sustainable development options provide training opportunities for coastal communities to learn about mangrove wetland functions, as well as income-generating activities that are environmentally sound, economically viable, and socially just.

$10 per month = Pay visa costs for 2 community leaders to attend international workshop
$20 per month = Underwrite publication of workshop program
$35 per month = Design illustrated livelihood resource material for website
$50 per month = Purchase tools for bamboo construction workshop
$75 per month = Subsidize development of livelihood pilot-project in one community
$85 per month = Scholarships for 2 fisherfolk to attend IHOF workshop
$100 per month = Subsidize MAP Toolkit workshop in Asia

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Communications, Organizing & International Networking

CommunicationsMAP acts as a Mangrove Information Clearinghouse and Referral Service, featuring information on issues related to mangrove conservation, shrimp aquaculture, and community-based coastal resource management. The MAP News, a bi-weekly electronic bulletin, and action alerts reach people and organizations worldwide, facilitating networking and advocacy.

$10 per month = Subsidize upgrade to broadband internet service for Indonesia office
$20 per month = Donate one year of internet storage for MAP’s website and digital image library
$35 per month = Sponsor a 1-month graduate level intern to develop new electronic newsletter design
$50 per month = Underwrite postage fees for one issue of MAP’s quarterly print newsletter
$75 per month = Translation of foreign language submissions to MAP News
$85 per month = Subsidize printing of Annual Children’s Art Calendar
$100 per month = Send MAP staff to attend regional conferences and symposia

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