Chef’s Pledge

Chef’s Pledge

The Perils of Farmed Shrimp

Recent increases in the supply of inexpensive, farmed shrimp have led to more and more shrimp on restaurant menus. However, the increase in shrimp availability and consumption has also drawn increased attention to the sources of farmed shrimp, the process from the pond to the table, and the ecological costs of industrial aquaculture.

To promote awareness about the issues surrounding farmed shrimp, and to educate consumers, we have created the Chef’s Pledge and enlisted local chef’s and restaurants to join our efforts. Many have already signed the pledge, and a list of their names and restaurants can be found here.

Please, take the time to read the Chef’s Pledge, and join our efforts to protect the health of seafood consumers and protect the environment.

Chef’s Pledge:

Given the environmental, community, and health threats posed by imported shrimp
I pledge to take steps to:

  • Know that the source of the seafood I purchase is sustainable
  • Avoid using imported shrimp, but instead only choose wild or farmed shrimp from the U.S. or Canada

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NOTE: The “Shrimp Less, Think More” consumer awareness campaign on the dangers of imported, farmed shrimp is sponsored by Mangrove Action Project.PO Box 1854
Port Angeles, WA 98362

For more information, visit the campaign blog at