Community Based Tourism (CBT)

Community Based Tourism (CBT)

CBT does not simply seek to maximize profits for investors. Rather, it is more concerned with the impact of tourism on the community and environment.

From a community development strategy, CBT uses tourism management as a tool to strengthen community organization through communitywide participation.

CBT appeals to adventurous people with a passion for learning about local cultures and traditional ways of life.

Takes environmental, social, and cultural sustainability into account
Community owns and manages projects for the benefit of the community
Visitors increase their awareness and learn about local peoples and cultures
Lodging with a local family, sharing their homes and eating meals together
Range of activities organized by the community

MAP Partner-Organizations with CBT Projects

MAP’s CBT Homestay Project on Pra Thong Island – Thailand
Andaman Coast Community Tourism – Thailand
Andaman Discoveries – Thailand
Thailand Community Based Tourism Institute (CBT-I)
Gazi Women’s Ecotourism Project – Kenya