Demands to Stop Shrimp Smuggling from Burma

Demands to Stop Shrimp Smuggling from Burma

Editor’s Note: Though there are U.S. and EU trade sanctions against Burma’s ruling junta because of extensive and ongoing human rights abuses, the illicit smuggling of Burmese farmed shrimp to other exporting nations, such as Bangladesh, poses another serious problem with farmed shrimp consumption, as unwary consumers are supporting this corrupt regime via their appetites for cheap shrimp.

22 April 2008

by Khaing Pray Htun

Bangladeshi shrimp traders demanded on Sunday that the illegal export of shrimp from Burma to Bangladesh be stopped due to its adverse effect on Bangladesh’s shrimp husbandry projects along the border, according to a business report.

The demand was made by shrimp businessmen during a meeting with high authorities in Okia Town in Cox’s Bazar District.

The illegal export of shrimps from Burma has created a serious problem for the Bangladeshi shrimp businessmen who have been losing profits from the competition.

At least ten shrimp businessmen went to Okia Town to meet with the Deputy Commissioner of Cox’s Bazar District and demanded the government take action against the shrimp smuggling.

A businessman said that the Deputy Commissioner warmly welcomed the businessmen’s demand and promised to present the problem to authorities higher up.

He also said that the shrimp businesses in Bangladesh were losing by the day as tens of thousands of shrimp from Burma are entering Bangladesh illegally through sea routes and being sold at cheaper prices.

Shrimp from Burma is cheaper than Bangladesh produced shrimp and local Bangladesh companies are buying the imported shrimp at the border town of Teknaf to package and export the shrimp internationally, including to European countries.#

Source: Narinjara News