Do Your Own Mangrove Project

Do Your Own MAP

Do your own Mangrove Action Project manual is intended for use by students currently engaged in tropical coastal studies, fisherfolk organizations, and more specifically participants of MAP’s In the Hands of the Fishers (IHOF) workshops.

From Observation to Action

The manual provides a detailed methodology to enable people to:

  • move beyond making observations and taking measurements;
  • define observed problems (environmental, social, economic, etc.); and
  • take action to resolve specific issues.


  • Background and a descrip­tion of action-taking
  • Series of activities for moving through the action-taking process
  • Case studies of mangrove action projects

3 primary steps in an action-taking process

  1. To move from observations and measurements to interpretation of the data and definition of the problem;
  2. To explore solutions to the problem using a visioning process, without initially becoming concerned about potential barriers; and
  3. To take action and assess whether the desired outcome is being reached
  4. Download Do your own Mangrove Action Project (pdf 2.75 MB)