EMR Training Method

MAP EMR Training Method

Post-tsunami Mangrove Restoration

Mangrove restoration is just one aspect of integrated coastal zone management, but it is receiving increased attention in the aftermath of the 2004 tsunami and the subsequent call for establishing protective greenbelts along tsunami affected coastlines (South Asia, SE Asia, and East Africa).

image_thumbThe need for mangrove restoration is extensive and financial and human resources for restoration must be put to best use and not wasted by inefficient or inappropriate restoration techniques.
MAP’s first EMR Method workshop took place in October 2003, pre-tsunami, in Sri Lanka as part of the In the Hands of the Fishers workshop series (IHOF 9).
Since the tsunami, MAP has been approached by numerous organizations from around the world interested in implementing long-term, effective mangrove restoration projects.
The best way for MAP to assist in the aftermath of the tsunami and with the rehabilitation process was to hold more restoration workshops in the region, emphasizing the MAP Ecological Mangrove Restoration (EMR) Method.
EMR Sri Lanka RobinPost-tsunami MAP EMR Method workshops have been held in India and Sri Lanka, serving as train-the trainers (TOT) events. Robin Lewis, MAP Board Member with over 30 years of experience in mangrove and sea grass restoration, led MAP EMR Method Workshops 2 and 3.

MAP EMR Method Workshop Objectives

  • Disseminate MAP EMR Method to leaders and educators
  • Participants return to their local organizations and areas to give condensed training of the MAP EMR Method to key stakeholders;
  • Following the local training, trainer and local stakeholders undertake a mangrove restoration pilot project to demonstrate the methodology;
  • Mangrove restoration pilot projects are monitored and evaluated by the trainer and stakeholders involved; and
  • Participants form an ecological restoration network for information exchange and technical support for further restoration projects.

MAP EMR Method Workshop Summaries & Reports