Gazi Women Ecotourism Project

Gazi Women Ecotourism Project

Gazi is a coastal town in Kenya which has protected and restored its mangrove forests.
The people depend on the mangrove for fishing, building poles and firewood, and for medicinal products.
The women of Gazi have established a community based tourism venture which profits from the value of the mangrove’s scenic beauty and biodiversity.

Eco-tourism for Community Development

The Gazi Women Mangrove Boardwalk is a true community-based conservation effort. 100% of the profit generated through the boardwalk goes into the Gazi community. Funds generated are used to:

provide scholarships to poor children from the village
improve health care
improve the physical facilities of Gazi Primary school, the only school in the village
support the ‘clean water for all’ community water project

You will be glad you contributed to the welfare of this community by coming to visit the mangrove boardwalk!

Women’s Ecotourism Project Brochure (pdf 169 KB)

The Kenya Tidal Forest Project provides an interesting example of the way in which economic valuation of ecosystem services can be effectively combined with community-based initiatives.

Contact Info:

Chairlady Gazi Women Group
P.O. Box 18
e-mail: [email protected]