Consumer’s Pledge

Consumer’s Pledge

The Perils of Farmed Shrimp

In March 2009, the Mangrove Action Project launched its consumer awareness campaign to expose the environmental damage and human rights issues related to imported, farmed shrimp, farming, which pollutes land and waterways, also poses the single greatest threat to mangrove forests worldwide. Mangroves are vital marine nurseries that support a great diversity of sea life and provide protection from coastal erosion and storm damage. Many native people rely on mangroves for food and resources, and the expansion of shrimp farms has resulted in hardship and displacement for already marginalized coastal communities.

Imported shrimp also raises concerns about food safety. In the US, the FDA inspects only around 1% of imported seafood, so the shrimp reaching consumers may be diseased or contaminated with antibiotics, chemicals, detergents, and filth.

Consumer’s Pledge:

The “Question Your Shrimp” petition is urging consumers to take the following pledge to greatly reduce their consumption of imported shrimp. It is time we as consumers realize that the price we pay for shrimp does not account for the true costs—to the environment and communities–of this destructive industry. The environmental, community, and health threats posed by imported shrimp, I pledge to take steps to:

  • Know that the source of the seafood I purchase is sustainable
  • Avoid using imported shrimp, but instead only choose wild or farmed shrimp from the U.S. or Canada

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NOTE: The “Question Your Shrimp” consumer awareness campaign on the dangers of imported, farmed shrimp is sponsored by Mangrove Action Project.PO Box 1854
Port Angeles, WA 98362

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