Mangrove Action Project Joins Healthy Oceans Coalition


Coalition works to provide stewardship for oceans, coasts and lakes in the United States

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August 4, 2015

Contact: Sara Lavenhar
Telephone: 330-732-5728
Email: [email protected]

Seattle, WA, August 10, 2015– The Mangrove Action Project (MAP) is proud to announce that is has joined the Healthy Oceans Coalition (HOC), a network of ocean users, conservationists, and concerned citizens supporting full implementation of the National Ocean Policy (NOP) for the stewardship of our oceans, coasts and Great Lakes. The HOC offers ways for the conservation community to easily engage in supporting the NOP and marine planning efforts.

Through this partnership, MAP hopes to act more effectively for a comprehensive NOP that supports coastal wetlands and mangrove ecosystems that in turn support healthy oceans. It is a great opportunity for MAP to be more in touch with US ocean issues, connecting both with other organizations as well as our community of support. This partnership is particularly timely in light of the recent destruction of mangroves for the 2016 Miami Boat Show. As a member of the HOC, MAP is better positioned to influence critical conservation efforts for mangroves, as well as promote local fisheries and sustainable seafood.

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If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Sara Lavenhar at 330-732-5728 or email at [email protected]