Mangrove Curriculum

Mangrove Curriculum – an integrated curriculum connecting young people to the natural world

Educating children about the values of mangroves is the solution to future mangrove conservation. The Marvellous Mangroves training is an in-depth, hands-on, science-based conservation education program, which has not only been given to primary and secondary school children but also teachers themselves. The award-winning curriculum is already used in 13 countries by over 250,000 students and 2,500 teachers.

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The Beginning of Marvellous Mangroves:

Back in 2002, Tanny Onsalo was just nine years old when she first learned about mangroves and how important they really are to the world’s shoreline ecosystems.

Back then, Tanny was part of a dedicated crew who were making a series of funky 30-minute movies on ocean related habitats understandable to kids of all ages. Mangrove Mania was one of the episodes “I first got to know all about Marvellous Mangroves twelve years ago when I was, as a nine year-old, one of the actors featured in the well-known movie for kids called Mangrove Mania.

Made in the Cayman Islands, it was one of a series of movies about the ocean, it’s related ecosystems and the amazing creatures that live in the salt-water world. It was specifically aimed at young people.

Thanks to Martin Keeley, who played the “Professor” in the 30-minute movie, I learned what an amazing tree the mangrove is.

I am also delighted that the movie has continued to be used as part of the Marvellous Mangroves curriculum program that introduces teachers around the world to mangroves and mangrove ecology.

The next year my primary school teacher did a unit all about mangroves using the Marvellous Mangroves curriculum produced by the “Professor” of my movie. I was so proud to have been a movie “star” and it made my classmates really envious.

In class we did many of the activities – like microscopic analyses – that are outlined in Marvellous Mangroves and found them a great way to learn! It changed the way I think about mangroves as an incredibly important ecosystem.

It’s a fabulous program and I’m so happy to still be a part of the world of Marvellous Mangroves, and I tell people about them all the time.”

We are asking you to help Marvellous Mangroves continue its spread to teachers and children around the world. We are so far in 11 countries world-wide and we have three more lined up for for next year – Kenya, Suriname and India.

Your donation will go directly to helping the world’s children from these tropical lands not only learn all about Marvellous Mangroves, but will also give them a basic understanding of scientific methodology and ecology.

In addition, they get to learn research methods as a precursor to a science-based university education.

You can view the movie, Mangrove Mania “Under the Waves” here

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“Yes, that’s me and the crew back in 2002 making Mangrove Mania in the field and in the lab. ” Tanny Onsalo


Tanny in Mangrove Mania in a Khulna, Bangladesh Workshop for the adaptation of Marvellous Mangroves in that country.


“And me now trekking through a tropical forest.” ” Tanny Onsalo


Tanny, her colleagues and The Professor, explore the mangroves with her teddy bear for safety!

Marvellous Mangroves

Our award-winning Marvellous Mangroves curriculum educates children on the importance of mangroves and their ecological functions, teaching them about modern challenges and mechanisms for sustainability. Integrated with local and national curricula it encourages and facilitates students to spend time in mangrove forests, including participation in field studies, research and conservation. The empowering process for both students and teachers helps to create greener and healthier learning environments inside and outside of school.

The first curriculum was launched in the Cayman Islands for the Caribbean region back in 2000. It has since been adapted for the English-speaking Colombian Caribbean islands of San Andres and Providence; translated into Spanish and adapted for use in Colombia, Honduras and Guatemala; translated and adapted for use into Sinhala and integrated into the Sri Lanka national science curriculum. It has also been translated and adapted for schools in Brazil, China and Bangladesh, as well as English versions for Australia and Belize where it is part of the schools’ national curriculum.

Demand for the mangrove curriculum continues to grow throughout the world, including countries such as Kenya, Suriname, India and the Philippines, helping to engage tomorrows leaders in real world issues.

Lecture Mode

Australian teachers and specialists working with Martin Keeley on how to utilize the Marvellous Mangroves curriculum for that country. Workshop held in Bundaberg, Queensland, August 2014

Mangroove Project

Teachers in Dangriga, Belize, using MAP’s magnifying lenses to examine mangroves during a three-day workshop held in August 2013. MAP provides 30 magnifying lenses for every teacher attending the MM workshops


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