MAP Partner APOWA celebrates Children’s Calendar Winner

MAP Partner APOWA celebrates Children’s Calendar Winner

MAP’s Children’s Mangrove Art Calendar has been one of our favorite programs for 15 years. We were delighted to hear from our friends at APOWA that the calendar contest’s prompt, ‘What do mangroves mean to me and my community’, became the topic of greater conversation earlier this month.

Read the report from APOWA.

Action for Protection of Wild Animals (APOWA) presented a certificate and a 2016 Children’s Mangrove Art Calendar to Pragyanananda Dey, a 13-year-old student of Saraswati Sishu Mandir, Pattamundai of Odisha state. The gathering on December 19th was part of a larger conversation to discuss ‘Why mangroves are important to our community in Pattamundai, India.

Pragyananda awarded in Odisha

Hon. Wildlife Warden Mr Biraja Prasan Pati presented the certificate and calendar to Pragyananda Dey

APOWA invited a number of local stakeholders, including Govt., Mangrove Forest Division, Rajnagar, intellectuals, school teachers, local media personnel, CSOs, and writers to this discussion. They focused on a participatory approach with stakeholders who link with mangrove ecosystems. APOWA is promoting a better dialogue between local stakeholders to actively engage them, and to work together to undertake mangrove restoration and conservation.

In this context, they highlighted the work of the Mangrove Action Project. Climate change and the associated risks of sea level rise and extreme weather events have further underlined the importance of mangroves as a buffer protecting coastal areas. Their importance for Odisha state in terms of protection against extreme weather events cannot be overemphasized.

APOWA Stakeholder meeting

Stakeholders Discussion on “Why Mangroves are Important to My Community”

Calendar presented to other stakeholders

A calendar presented to Head Master of Saraswati Sishu Mandir, Pattamundai , Kendrapara

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About APOWA:
APOWA has been at the forefront of implementing mangrove restoration and conservation to help local
vulnerable communities and reduce the risks they face from natural hazards. Further, building institutional set ups like village mangrove councils in the community itself to own the responsibility made their work easier, faster and more transparent. They have gained knowledge, experience and information in the form of good practices of community based mangrove resources conservation and restorationin the last decade.