“Marvelous Mangroves of Brazil” Teachers Guide to be Presented at National Seminar

“Marvelous Mangroves of Brazil” Teachers Guide to be Presented at National Seminar

image_miniOn 24 June in the city of Cariacica, Espirito Santo state, the National Seminar “Marvelous Mangroves of Brazil” will be take place. The event will present the teacher’s guide of the same name and its applicability, with the objective of developing an action plan for its implementation in Brazil.

The “Marvelous Mangroves of Brazil” National Seminar is an initiative of the Ministry of Environment (MMA), the city of Cariacica, the Brazilian NGO Instituto BiomaBrasil (IBB), and Mangrove Action Project (MAP).

Origin and Adaptations of Marvelous Mangroves
The 300-page Marvelous Mangroves in the Cayman Islands was developed for the Caribbean region in 1998 and linked to the local Cayman curriculum. Since then, the Teacher’s Guide has been tested and adapted for seven countries: the English-speaking Colombian Caribbean islands of San Andres and Providence; Honduras and Guatemala (Spanish language); Sri Lanka, and integrated into the national science curriculum (Sinhala language); Indonesia (Indonesian language); and now Brazil (Portuguese language).

The teacher’s guide provides activities and information about mangroves; relationships of mangroves to other tropical coastal ecosystems; mangrove observation from social, geographical, cultural, economic, and political perspectives; guidance in taking scientific measurements about the health of mangroves; and several action-taking activities to help observers become do-ers.

In Brazil, the teacher’s guide passed through a long adaptation process coordinated by IBB and MAP with the support of ecologists, educators, artists, and community leaders. Currently, the teacher’s guide is being tested with the city of Cariacica (Secretary of Education and Secretary of Environment), population ca. 300,000, which has gained experience with it in continuing education activities with the city’s teachers. Now is the time to share this experience beyond Cariacica.

Location and Date
Cariacica, Espirito Santo state, as part of the technical programming of the III Environmental Fair (sponsored by the city of Cariacica). The Environmental Fair will begin the night of 23 June, while the Seminar will open the morning of 24 June. The Seminar will continue in the auditorium of the municipal Secretary of Education (SEME) through 25 June. The event is a workshop with around 25 people, and is closed to the general public.

The event has been structured to bring together key partners and collaborators, including educators, NGO representatives, environmental agency staff, and protected area managers, from the states of Ceara, Pernambuco, Bahia, and Santa Catarina.

More Information
Visit MAP’s website for more information on the Marvelous Mangroves program

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