Safeway CEO: Label your GMO foods

Safeway CEO: Label your GMO foods

We have the right to know if our food contains GMOs. We urge you to support your customers’ right to know what’s in their food by labeling GMO ingredients found in Safeway store-brand products.


We learned how much it takes to buy an election in Washington: $25 per vote. That’s how much money the Grocery Manufacturers Association and other outside spending groups spent to mislead voters in thinking I-522’s GMO-labeling initiative would be overly complicated.

Consumers should have a right to make healthy, responsible, and informed choices about the food we eat. Yet it’s usually impossible to know whether our food contains GMOs.

Let’s be clear. GMOs aren’t without risk— some are designed for increased pesticides, which have been linked to serious health and environmental effects. And they usually don’t undergo safety testing before being brought to market.