Shrimp Consumers

Shrimp Consumers

Today restaurants are offering you “All the shrimp you can eat!” We at MAP wish to ask instead “How much shrimp can you stomach?” We believe that once you understand the terrible consequences of your shrimp meal, you may well lose your appetite.

You will learn here more about how our growing demand for cheap imported farmed shrimp has caused this relatively new industry to boom, then inevitably bust, leaving environmental ruin, worsening poverty and hunger, and social disruption in its wake. photo Ritzy Ryciak

If you dare to question the reasons you are hungry for shrimp, please explore our web site. The things you learn and react to may very well help save this planet, our mutual home, from the threats of climate change, from future hurricane Katrinas, storm surges, and devastating tsunamis.

Curbing your appetite for imported farmed shrimp can help save the Royal Bengal tiger, the dugong, a myriad of fish and shellfish species, migratory shorebirds, sea turtles, and many more threatened and endangered species that depend upon the mangroves for their future.

Learn about why we ask you to turn your appetite from cheap shrimp toward helping us to protect coral reefs and sea grass beds, wild fisheries, and mangrove wetlands.

Help us support traditional and indigenous coastal peoples, their cultures and ways of life, publicizing environmental and social justice issues that affect them. Help us protect their food security and sovereignty, which too often falls victim in the wake of our unjustified demand for “all you can eat shrimp!”

Explore MAP’s web site and learn to question this self-centered motive, asking instead, “How much more can you stomach?”