Support MAP’s Volunteer – Internship Program

Support MAP’s Volunteer – Internship Program


image_miniMAP’s office in Thailand has greatly benefited from the assistance of Volunteer Interns since 2007. 12 volunteers from 6 countries (UK, USA, India, Thailand, Spain and Canada) have joined the office so far. An amazing amount of work has been achieved which would never have been accomplished otherwise, and volunteers in return have gained hands-on experience while learning about the work which MAP undertakes, both in the office and in the field.

Up until now, these volunteers have covered all their own transportation costs to Thailand, as well as their own insurance, visa, food and accommodation while working full-time with MAP for 3-6 months. But not all interested persons willing to help MAP can afford these expenses while volunteering, though they may have some excellent and much needed skills to offer.


MAP would like to increase our chances of finding suitable volunteers or interns by at least offering them lodging and covering basic expenses such as visa, and an emergency and accident insurance in exchange for their contribution. We have found a very suitable house for rent nearby our office, where rent and utilities are about $160/month. Doctor facilities in developing countries are much less expensive than in the USA, Canada or the European Union. Basic coverage can be found for about $ 50 USD/month.


Your donation can help ensure MAP continues to benefit from having skilled young graduates who are willing to put their newly acquired skills to work in the real world during the next 3 years. Interns will be able to conduct a variety of assignments:

  • Assist with project proposal development
  • Search and analyze funding opportunities and carrying out needed internet research
  • Assisting MAP’s mangrove restoration project & with environmental education
  • Produce marketing/outreach materials
  • Collaborating with local populations in alternative livelihoods activities
  • Helping with activities at our Coastal Community Resources Centre
  • Translating from Thai, to English, Spanish or French and viceversa.
  • Helping prepare MAP’s annual report and other public documents for MAP’s website
  • Preparing short news articles for the bi-weekly MAP NEWS which goes out to 3,500 persons

Interns assisting MAP-Asia are also making a difference to MAP’s overall efforts to raise awareness on mangrove conservation and support partner NGOs in India, Sri Lanka, Cambodia and Thailand.


  • Have regular contributions from volunteers
  • Reach a wider variety of volunteers