Test your mangrove knowledge!

Test your mangrove knowledge!

Although once thought of as useless wastelands, careful study and research has revealed that mangroves are among the most important ecosystems on this planet. Valued for anchoring coastal ecosystems as well as providing economic and ecosystem services to humans, mangrove forests are true treasures. The complexities of these systems are enormous, and there is still much to learn. Mangrove forests are highly interconnected within the ecosystem itself, but they also make up a transitional zone between land and ocean, connecting and supporting both. It is no surprise that mangroves are called “roots of the sea.”

July 26th is a very special day for MAP – it’s Mangrove Action Day! As part of this years Mangrove Action Day we are raising awareness of the connections people have with mangrove forests with a very special quiz! Find out cool facts about mangroves, and by the time you’re done you’ll be an expert (okay, maybe not an expert, but you’ll have a great dinner conversation-starter!).

Now, it’s time to see how much you know about mangroves, or how much you’ve learned from MAP! Challenge your friends and family and see who can get the highest score – share it on Facebook and spread the word!

Test your mangrove knowledge on Mangrove Action Day! This quiz was created especially for the International Day of Mangroves on July 26th.

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