The Bahamas

The Bahamas

Bimini Island

Bimini-bulldozerBimini Island’s irreplaceable mangrove ecosystem is threatened by wholesale devastation by Bimini Bay Resort, with the full support of Hilton Corporation.

As the developers cut down, fill in, and destroy the rich mangrove ecosystem of Bimini, they are also obliterating the very habitats upon which Bimini’s biological richness and true economy depend.

In addition, the mangroves of Bimini Island are the most important breeding area for several critically endangered Photo: W. Parks species.

Bimini’s famed fishing, portrayed in Hemingway’s novel Islands in the Stream, could be a romantic relic of the past. By cutting and filling the mangroves, the Bimini Bay Resort is destroying fish nurseries and habitat that will cost the local people their livelihoods. While the Capo Group (developer) has been promising jobs for locals, in actuality they have been importing Mexican labor.

Guana Cay

Guana-Cay-developmentSave Guana Cay Reef continues to battle the proposed Baker’s Bay Club on the grounds that the development’s footprint is much too large and destructive for this small island whose economy relies on small-scale tourism and fishing. The world’s most respected coral and marine scientists back their position on Baker’s Bay Club’s monstrous mega-development. They have stated publicly that the development will harm the islands reef, fishing resources, mangroves, and Guana’s quiet tourism-based economy.
Photo: T. Sim The project that the group is protesting will include an exclusive resort and gated community, along with an 18-hole, 585-acre championship golf course.