Wholesale Buyers

Wholesale Buyers

What do you think about when you purchase shrimp?

Do you consider if it will cost us our future, as well as your dollars?

Will it bring us sea level rise, as well as your profits?

What responsibility do you have as a seafood buyer to this generation of consumers, and to the next generations who may come up hungry?

How will the appetites you help engender today affect such important ecological issues as: mangrove forest loss, wild fisheries decline, and mass extinctions?

Are you aware that the farmed shrimp you buy may be contributing to climate change?

Learn about these and many other issues, as well as alternatives that matter – alternatives to imported farmed shrimp on our menus or retailer shelves.

Become aware and involved, so that you can make wise, sustainable choices in your seafood purchases. Profit from real gains that do not cause massive losses on this planet. Be a part of the solution through your purchasing powers. Start by exploring our website and read on!