Andorra - a country of supermarkets and tourists

Andorra is in the duty free zone, so it can be punished Duty Free for Europeans. Why? Because no types of taxes are levied: neither income, nor turnover, nor value added. Those who have never been to Andorres with great difficulty can understand how to build such a huge number of supermarkets in this city! There is nothing to be surprised at, Andorra has been taking the first places in the number of supermarkets per unit area throughout Europe for several years. One may wonder how is this possible? We get a simple answer - it allows the territorial location in the mountains, with a small population, lack of raw materials (natural origin), the country simply could not function so successfully if smuggling were not legalized. Over the past few centuries, smuggling has been able to dictate market and economic rules. One can guess that all this contributed to the fact that Andorra turned out to be a traditional and duty-free country. Modern “smugglers” are ordinary businessmen who were able to acquire the right to import certain products on duty-free basis. In addition, there is no passport and customs control in Andorra. Rather, in the understanding of how it is accepted. Agree, it’s nice to enter a foreign country where customs clearance is not needed. However, if you leave it when crossing the border, in particular Spanish or French, you can usually hear the words: “What is in your luggage? Was everything declared? ”
What else is interesting in this country? There are a lot of tourists who do not mind looking at the supermarkets.
It’s scary to think that in a country where about 100 thousand people live, there are more than 11 million visitors every year! The figure is so huge that I can’t believe that this is the real truth! But this is so, the country's economic condition consists of 75% of the tourism industry. People are usually attracted to high-class ski resorts, and in the mountain valleys you can smell sulfur springs, which are known to have healing properties.
In addition to ski resorts, slopes of various complexity are also popular, you can even use helicopter skiing! As for economic indicators: GDP growth is about 15 percent annually! All this gives the impression that you are in a fairy tale. Because the fabulous mood will not leave you for the entire time you are in this beautiful place. $5 minimum deposit casino canada