Landmark of the United Arab Emirates

Lovers of beaches and the sea, bazaars with all kinds of goods from spices to the national outfits of this country come here to relax. The motto adhered to in the UAE is “Everything for tourists!”. Always helpful staff of hotels and catering establishments, ready to fulfill any guest's desire. The UAE is rich in sights and a guest who is interested in the history of this country has something to see and something to admire.

Sheikh Zayed Mosque

So, in this eastern country, a tourist should visit the Sheikh Zayed Mosque. This mosque is simply the personification of oriental fairy tales “A Thousand and One Nights,” but the mosque is much more important than just a beautiful picture. This architectural monument represents the Muslim faith and oriental wealth. The mosque is located in Abu Dhabi, in its area can accommodate 5 football fields. Built in honor of Sheikh Zayed ibn Sultan, the unifier of the poor, small lands in one big country. Sheikh and the first president of the UAE are buried near the mosque.

Important dates:

• 1990s approval of the design of the mosque;
• 2007 the opening of a mosque;
• 2008 the mosque is open to the public.

The place for the construction of the mosque and the project itself were approved in the 1990s. The official opening took place in 2007. It can be said for certain that this mosque was built by the whole world: the chief engineers were from the USA, the carpets were delivered from Irina, the marble was Chinese and Italian, the chandeliers were brought from Austria and Germany, the glass from India and Greece. To look at the snow-white architectural building of grandiose proportions, the Queen of Great Britain Elizabeth the second came. And already in 2008 it is open for visiting.

The main feature of this building for eastern countries is that absolutely everyone, even women, is allowed to enter the mosque. The Ministry of Tourism of this country announced that free tours for everyone were held in the mosque in March 2008. But tourists are allowed to inspect individual rooms, and not the entire mosque. The mosque can accommodate 40 thousand people, the capacity of the prayer hall is 7 thousand people, two prayer rooms for women are 1,500 people.

The mosque has a carpet, which is recognized as the largest in size in the world, in total more than 5 thousand square meters. This carpet is made according to the sketch of an artist of Iranian origin Ali Khaliki. The total weight is 47 tons, it has cotton and wool. 1200 workers took part in its manufacture, and took two years in terms of time. Another feature of this 9-ton chandelier, decorated with exquisite gold leaf and Austrian-origin Swarovski crystals. It is considered the largest in the world, although there are chandeliers and more, but this name was fixed precisely for the chandelier located in Sheikh Zayed Mosque.

It is worth visiting this fabulous place, in the evening the lights turn on here, all the elements of the mosque are reflected in the water, giving this place a fantastic atmosphere of oriental tales. Rating online casinos: Play and win!