ECU Tools Chip-Tuning Shop

Since 1980-s, most cars, produced by world’s leading manufacturers, are equipped with complex electronic diagnostic and control systems. The activities of these systems are governed by the electronic control unit (ECU). ECU memory contains map files that define operation modes of the engine, the transmission, the fuel system, brakes and other systems of the car. The ECU controls the car by collecting data from sensors and issuing commands to actuators and other electronic devices. Thus, ECU memory has to be accessed in order to change preset operation modes of the car or to perform advanced diagnostics.

You can find reliable genuine tools for diagnostic and chip-tuning of modern cars at ECU Tools online store.

ECU Tools Online Store for Сhip-tuning

ECU Tools Online Store was founded in 2010 in Russian city of Vologda. Since its creation, ECU Tools company has gone from a small auto repair and tuning shop to the largest online chip-tuning store in Russia.

ECU Tools accepts payments via Western Union or PayPal. Deliveries are made by DHL, EMS or national post services. All emails regarding orders are answered within 24 hours, while answering technical questions could take slightly longer.

ECU Tools is an official dealer of world’s leading chip-tuning and diagnostic tools manufacturers, including:

  • Alientech srl.
  • Autokey.
  • BitBox.
  • Chipsoft.
  • DrewTech.
  • Magicmotorsport.
  • NEXTECH Co, Ltd.
  • OBDLink.
  • Opel Scanner.
  • PCMFlash.
  • Quantex.
  • Romik.
  • Ross-Tech.
  • Tactrix inc.

ECU Tools is a regular participant of leading chip-tuning exhibitions and events, including MIMS Automechanika Moscow.

Popular Tools at ECU Tools Equipment Online Store for Auto Diagnostics

The following tools were popular among automotive diagnostic experts during the last few years:

  • AutoScanner Opel CAN – this famous tool is used for complex diagnostics of Opel vehicles and is compatible with almost every modern Opel car. Contrary to universal solutions, that often can only run a limited selection of basic tests, AutoScanner Opel performs testing of all on-board electronic systems of the car.
  • ScanDoc Compact – universal scanner, which is compatible with most modern cars. This scanner consists of the adapter and diagnostic software, so it requires the usage of a PC or a laptop.
  • Scanmatik 2 PRO – another popular universal scanner that consists of adapter and diagnostic software. Scanmatik 2 PRO has adjustable pin voltages, so it has less compatibility issues than most other popular scanners.
  • Carman Auto i-700 – stand-alone universal scanner with CAN-bus compatible interfaces and preinstalled diagnostic programs.

All these tools are available at ECU Tools online chip-tuning and diagnostics store. All solutions have either manufacturer’s warranty or ECU Tools store warranty for 1 year.