These are amazing actors.

There is no camera in this tiny room, no bulky lighting equipment, the usual hustle and bustle of the movie set ... It's just a rehearsal at the Sovremennik Theater. And yet, you can feel the movie here. In everything - in the faces of rehearsing actors that we saw more than once on the screen - Oleg Tabakov, Lidia Tolmacheva, Valentin Gaft, Igor Kvasha. And in the director - one of the greatest masters of world cinema, Andrzej Wajde, whose films “Ashes and Diamond”, “Channel”, simply “Ashes”, “Everything for Sale” were on our screens. The theater and the director met here to stage the play of the modern progressive American playwright David Raeb “Like Brother to Brother”.

“Like Brother to Brother” is not the first work of a director in a theater. For a decade and a half, he managed to stage Hamlet, Two on a Swing, and A Wedding, and last year, the Polish theater season was marked by his production of Demons by Dostoevsky on the stage of the Slowacki Cracow Theater. But in his theatrical productions, Wyda remains a cinema director. It can be howl, it cannot be defined verbally, but in the work with the actors, in the decorative design of the performance, and in the stage-play, the cinematic eye and cinematic hand are felt everywhere.

And Wajda begins each scene in almost the same way - a peaceful family photograph at a common table, in front of the TV, from where everyone diverges in their corners in order to return, tell the other something taunting and insulting and hide again in their refuge. The whole play is built on this principle of a pendulum, swinging from the comic genre of everyday sketches to heart-rending sincerity on the verge of hysteria.

“That's what I tell the actors,” says Wajda, “as if two plays are being played at the same time on stage. In one corner, the actor plays a comedy, then moves on to the other side of the stage, and it turns out that the tragedy is actually happening. This follows from the dramaturgy of Reib, who wrote a frankly autobiographical play. He is twenty-six years old, he also fought in Vietnam, returned, came across a blank wall of indifference and indifference, got angry and wrote “like brother to brother”. His heroes do not admit to themselves the shadow of drama, he seems to them a whim, pathology, illness.

Naturally, in this dramaturgy, the main word belongs to the actors, and not the direction.

- And the actors are amazing ... Honestly, I took up the production mainly because I knew that it would be necessary to work with them. And the thing is that they are in a state of constant creative readiness, that they simply gush with ideas, finds, that they themselves direct their own roles. The fact is that the reserves of their abilities, their creative imagination are far from being fully revealed in this play. They can do a lot more. I understood this from the very beginning, when I felt that I had correctly distributed the roles. For unlike cinema, it seems to me the most important thing in the work of a theater director is this - the choice of an actor.

In my opinion, this is the only moment that depends on inspiration. Everything else is a matter of technology, experience, craft. And there was someone to choose from ...

In fact, Valentin Gaft plays Ozzy’s dad, Harriet’s mom is Lidia Tolmacheva, David is Igor Kvasha, Ricky is Oleg Tabakov, Donald’s father is Alexander Vokach, Zang, a girl from Vietnam, is a student at the Shchepkin Domn Ivanov Theater School. buy western union hack, best western ws union hack, western union debit card hack western union hack download, western union hack download 2020, western union hack tool download, western union hack free download, western union hack software free download, download western union hack software, HIRE A HACKER TO FUND YOUR BANK ACCOUNT AND PROJECTS. BANK MONEY TRANSFER HACKER, LEGIT AND SAFE MONEY TRANSFER TO YOUR BANK hack western union data, western union hack free, western union hack free download, western union hack forum, western union hack software free, western union software transfer hack free mtcn online, western union free money hack, hack western union mtcn number free, western union hack legit,