To knowledge and career with oriental talismans

To learn new things and make the right decisions will allow the zone of wisdom, which is located in the northeast of the room. Book shelves will be appropriate here. The coolness of the north and the fresh wind of the east will set thoughts in the right direction. For decision-making, it’s best to gather a family council there. Rock crystal crystals or their imitation will strengthen this zone, they absorb and destroy the negative. After the acquisition, the stones must be kept in sea water for 7 days, and then placed on a window - the sun's rays will add energy to the talisman, glare from the refraction of the rays will give it to the room. Subsequently, once a week they are washed in containers with clean water and dried. Only the head of the house can touch them. Someone else's hands can take energy from your home. Strictly monitor the cleanliness and absence of mechanical damage - necessary.
The mascot with the image of the Snake will also take root well in this sector, add wisdom, and give an unexpected solution.
Products from jasper is appropriate to place on the desktop. This talisman will take radiation from office equipment, and will give new strength to the owner.
Inseparable companions cognition and career. Proper design of the northern zone in the same room will raise the authority of the owner at work. This is a desktop place with communications. Metal stands for mobile phones, stationery with mascot symbols will help direct thoughts in the right direction. The statuette of the ship of a sailboat made of metal activates the zone. The talisman may be wooden, but assembled without nails. Wind-blown sails symbolize forward movement. The bow of the ship should look at the owner, but not at the door or window. The number of ships will indicate different sources of business contacts and income. Coins and precious stones stacked on deck will mean wealth floating in the house.
A good helper in career growth is a peacock. He can be invited to cooperation, devoting to their affairs. The bird loves affection, accepts stroking with pleasure. In the pattern of lush tail feathers there are many eyes: the beautiful talisman remembers everything and remembers it. But it does not tolerate dust and dirt, so that its beauty does not fade. The strongest peacock is golden, decorated with gems. Use of other metal is allowed. You can make embroidery on silk fabric. The main thing is the brightness of the colors. A bouquet of feathers can replace a bird. You can put it in an openwork metal vase, because in this area of ​​the room metal products are simply necessary to arrange. $5 deposit online casino nz