How to prepare the surface for applying paint

It is quite simple to apply the paint composition to the prepared surface qualitatively. But in the process of preparation, oddly enough, usually a lot of problems arise. After all, the base for applying paint should be perfectly smooth and reliable. How to prepare it in order to avoid difficulties with decorative finishes?

1. Cleaning the surface from the finish

In order for the paint to lie well on the rough surface, the latter must first be cleaned of old materials and degreased. They remove not only the decorative finish, but also the previous layer of plaster. It may seem that she is holding securely. But you should not be deceived. Usually it is enough to tap the plaster in several places to notice that it is falling off. Grease stains or signs of leaks found on the base must also be removed.

2. Application of a leveling layer

The largest defects found on the surface must be removed with a rough coat of plaster. Before applying it, the surface is also primed. The stucco used in a particular case must comply with the conditions of the room.

If the work is carried out in a room with normal conditions, gypsum plaster is also suitable. For surface treatment in the kitchen or in the bathroom, it is better to use cement-type plaster, since it copes with high humidity. When the applied composition dries, it must be well treated with a building grater.

3. Finishing leveling putty

With the help of putty, it is possible to get rid of even the most insignificant differences in elevations, therefore it is usually applied with a thin layer. It is enough that the thickness of the layer is only 3-5 mm. Again, for reliable adhesion of the putty to the rough surface, the latter must be primed. After the putty dries, the surface must be inspected and the remaining defects eliminated using ordinary sandpaper.

4. Applying a primer before staining

About 12 hours before the start of painting work, the base should be primed for the last time. If you do not apply a primer, then the surface will quickly pick up all the moisture from the first coat of paint. Therefore, to achieve an excellent result will not work. On the surface, which is prepared as described, it is possible to apply any type of paint without problems.

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