How to make a living room out of the balcony - the main recommendations

Often people living in apartment buildings are faced with the problem of lack of space. Compensate this balconies and loggias, bringing them in their due condition. You should start repairing the balcony with the installation of double -glazed windows, then you should definitely insulate the walls, floor and ceiling, and then directly engage in internal and external decoration. And so, let's start in order. There are several types of glazing of the balcony: - cold - an aluminum frame with thin glass is installed. The very name of such glazing speaks for itself, this type of glazing does not give any warmth; - unconditional - this is also cold glazing, the only difference, it is absent partitions and frames; - warm glazing - recently the most common, since all heat will be preserved, For this, the apartment will be provided with noise and sound insulation. The same half day in order to insulate the floor, it is necessary to dismantle the old coating until the base. Now it is necessary to decide on the material for insulation. You can, for example, be covered with foam, it withstands heavy loads and does not pass heat. The surface should be absolutely flat, if necessary, make a cement screed. Then we lay the design of the warm floor and use the facing material on top. It can be tiles, a parquet board, linoleum and so on. We remove the dampness so that condensation is not created in the room, it is necessary to make vapor barrier. When the walls are insulated, a frame is made in which a layer of mineral wool or foam is laid. Then we put the foil and fasten it with a stapler. In the end, we lift the facing material. In this way, it is possible to insulate the walls and the ceiling. Parting inside and output of how the walls were insulated, the floor is also ready, we proceed to the interior decoration. First you need to decide what will be directly located on the balcony. Based on this, select the design and start the work itself. The same goes for the exterior decoration of the balcony. The only thing that is still necessary to build on the architecture of the building itself and meet the requirements of this area. Therefore, the front part of the balcony in different buildings will be different. Thus, it is not difficult to repair the balcony and everyone can do it. Moreover, due to insulation, you can expand your space or make a separate workplace. Если в течение этого времени он успевает положить деньги на счет, ему начисляется от Мостбет бонус при регистрации, сумма которого может достигать 100% или даже 125% к его вложениям. мостбет казино Также букмекер позволяет зарегистрироваться по адресу E-mail или через профиль в социальных сетях.