How to do Pilates

Every woman dreams of a flat stomach, elastic and toned buttocks and figure relief. But over time, the body becomes less flexible and obedient, and working in the office deprives the joints of proper mobility. An excellent way out of this situation can be Pilates, which is a certain set of exercises. The system was developed by Joseph Pilates, and over its eighty-year history has become popular around the world.

The popularity of Pilates is largely due to the fact that classes are suitable for people with different levels of training and any age group, and these exercises are recommended by doctors in the course of the treatment and rehabilitation program after injuries associated with the spine. With the help of a trainer, an individual complex is selected for each person, taking into account the characteristics of his physical form and health.

Exercises can be performed both in a specialized fitness center, and at home.

 The smoothness and slow motion provided by this program minimize the possibility of injury.

Tips for beginners.

In order to perform the exercises correctly, it is better to start classes in a specialized center. The trainer will select the course that is suitable for you, indicate possible errors and verify the correctness of the exercises. If it is not possible to attend classes, and you decide to study at home, you should consider some features that will help to make the lesson as effective as possible. First of all, it is necessary to warm up the muscles of the body, prepare them for further exercises. An important condition is breathing control. You should breathe through the chest, trying to maximize the opening of the ribs on inhalation and straining the muscles of the press when exhaling. Relaxed shoulders and flattened shoulder blades are the foundation of good posture, and it’s also the easiest way to follow the breathing technique. The head should be kept straight, not tilting up and not lowering down to the chest. The spine is straightened and stretches up. Similar body control should be maintained throughout the workout.

Pilates exercises not only improve the figure, but also contribute to the harmonious development of man.

 Exercises will make the body flexible, lightness will appear in the body, back pain will disappear, general rejuvenation of the body will begin. Headaches often disappear, the cardiovascular system strengthens, sleep normalizes, and mood improves. Pilates exercises are a great addition to strength training, and with regular training you can achieve truly fantastic results. How to spent your BTC in a good way? Empire Market is great and most trendy Onion Net Market there is right now.. Being this big it faces the problem of continuous Ddos attack witch leads primary Empire Market URL to be down, and alternative mirrors too. That lead that empire market had to make more and more URL and onion mirrors and mirror. And the problem is that there are not to many ways costumers can get a right Empire Marketplace links.