What should be the facade forests?

Repair work on the facade or restoration of monuments suggests the performance of tasks at the height. Therefore, adapted featured facade forests are required. It should not only meet the strict safety standards and have appropriate certificates. An equally important aspect is to ensure the conditions for the comfort and possible storage of building materials on the platforms.

Maximum load
Specific designs may differ in this regard. The choice of the right load is extremely important in terms of the safety of construction workers. Standard facade forests has a load capacity of up to 200 kg / m2. This value allows you to place more severe building materials on platforms, for example, bricks. Often the choice of design with a higher permissible load is associated with its equipment with shorter sites or a decrease in its height. The number of levels on which facade works can be carried out at the same time. This is due to the need to preserve sustainability for comfortable work without the risk of an accident. It is worth remembering that every forests must have a certificate of compliance with the standard Mon-M-49000 and full documentation that includes information about the method of anchoring and safe use.

Method of connecting elements
This group includes three basic fixation methods. One of these is a clamping connection that requires high time to assemble forests, but at the same time greatly simplifies their alignment. As long as the construction assembly, it is necessary to take into account when using wedge mounts. However, as a result, all this will be very stable and tough. The time required to build forests can be minimized by using snap-in compounds, but this will occur due to the durability of forests. Any such design is collected and disassembled only by persons authorized on it. Those that are located in places with intensive movement must be protected by a protective grid. This affects not only the security of employees on platforms, but also in passersby.

Height and width of forests
Facade structures can be rented from 15 to 60 meters high. First will be enough for works carried out on buildings up to four floors, and for higher, such as skyscrapers, 35-meter modules will be required. As a rule, companies offering construction forests for rent, after aware of the conditions in which construction works should be able to ensure the choice of the optimal solution. The width of the site is also an important issue for a comfortable implementation of the recommendation. Those that 70 cm are minimal, giving you free space for maneuver. Width 110 cm is a great convenience that also allows you to store building materials, but in this case it is necessary to increase the maximum load on the structure. Want to combine business with pleasure? Go to the casino site Vulkan Vegas, register and get a first deposit bonus, as well as a huge number of free spins. Registration link https://vulkanvegas.pro available on all devices at any time of the day. Play your favorite slot machines online for free without registration on the official website Vulkan Vegas Casino