FIFA 11: Overview Friv Game

It seems to me that there is something unfair in the FIFA series on our platform. Remember, maybe last year FIFA 10 broke sales records and made noise, including in our news? And there was indeed something to love and violently buy her for: a high-resolution green lawn, redesigned player animation, nice controls, spectacular performance - you don’t even understand how great goals are obtained. And you don’t even need to especially train - a pass, a canopy, running, broads! .. There is only one snag - all this joy came out exclusively on consoles. The PC didn’t even get a stub or a crooked port, but a somewhat hastily plastered version of FIFA 09. With new football players, clubs, buns ... and dense homogeneous asphalt of a nasty green color, plywood fans, lack of smoothing, ugly animation wiped over the years and general sadness in technical and evolutionary terms.

When the “lead” has already begun, I don’t even know. I understand, except that now the meaning of separation is, although it is sad. But there is reason to be happy - FIFA 11gorgeous. A year later, a human simulator came out on the PC. Goodbye sprite people, low poly models and blurry textures. Now everything will change, one must think, forever. Just know that, here is my advice to you - get a gamepad. Virtual football is not good friends with arrows. Categorical zeros and ones are not in honor, everything here is filigree, clever and neat. And to take away the ball from a player with a normal gamepad is almost impossible. Do not burn with righteous anger, an additional device is inexpensive, and it is much more convenient to manipulate it. Play the best web site site friv games at The most popular collection of friv games are presented on this mega portal. FIFA 11ported to the Xbox 360 - and its ears stick out everywhere. Even the icons in the menu remained. Management, of course, is imprisoned for the Microsoft controller, and the keyboard is configured in the most inconvenient way. And even the help files do not explain what happens when you press LT...

But troubles with management are overcome quickly. A couple of training matches, and somehow imperceptibly drawn into the process. There are no problems with the pad - it’s immediately felt, the main menu is last year’s original FIFA - go head to head with the goalkeeper until you decide which mode you want to play with. By the way, there are not very many of them here. Classic set: quick match, tournament, manager mode and, of course, “Be a professional”. With the first and second it is clear that tea is not the first time that we see Fifu. The manager’s skin was tried on for five years in a row - we also know everything, we know how to buy football players, we pick up ticket prices and win European cups with a big score. I was a professional - I do not remember. In the past FIFAall this turned out to be prickly after the caramel splendor of the PS3, that memories automatically crossed out of her memory. Ok, I will be PRO. As if for the first time.

The main menu focuses on the character. Instead of the usual “single-network-setting” items, a lush green lawn, a boiled-white goal, a guard and a hero - a football player ready to throw himself on the ball. All these years I did not leave the feeling of smearing. You play classically - a shot from the goal, go to the right flank, a breakthrough to the goal, pass, Trezeguet ( Inzaghi , Totti , Raul , Del Piero , Ronaldinho , Anelka , Arshavin) scores a goal. And the joyful one rushes along the grass like a doe, full stands of happy flat plywood people applaud, the stadium shakes in ecstasy ... Only in multiplayer you can feel the heat of passion - because the enemy wants to defeat you. And artificial intelligence ... he wants to smile sweetly and hit the tambourine at the gate or expose his own to attack - depending on the complexity.

Becoming a pro is a very personal process. Therefore, we will play exclusively for one football player. Moreover, there is a reasonable balance: football fans can create their own character with the help of an editor (as in The Sims ), to then hone his skills in hundreds of matches; and if a long life journey is not included in the plans, then you can choose the finished Kaka , Zyryanov or Zhirkov. Anyone, only the goalkeeper, helpfully replaces the silicon brain. And depending on the league, club and nationality - tasks for the season and each match. If you choose an attacker, then you have to beat on goal. And if it is a world star, then without a goal, life is not already. In addition, points are awarded for successful passes, dribbling, tackles and the correct location on the field. We do everything right - skills are opened, and the parameters can be pumped ... Just like in the RPG: called himself a tall and heavy defender - here and hang out in the rear, select, block and help your comrades. It’s a pity that you can’t play this mode over the Internet - it would be funny. But you can be together, if there is a second controller.

As for the multiplayer, then everything is unusually smart and stable. I want to play - we quickly find the match, almost instantly select the team, and after a second an emerald green lawn rustles softly underfoot. The system itself is looking for an adversary for us - by rating and statistics. I ran a dozen matches - and only good impressions. The general level of opponents is not higher than mine, you can win, especially training is not necessary. FIFA 11 , I’m sure, will settle down in my car for a long time, play quick halves of six minutes - that’s it. Dynamics, accurate passes, workshop handling the ball, handsome goals - and all this right here and now, like a tea break.

About entertainment and great goals, I understood everything last year. A technical revolution has happened, but not all of its components are visible at first glance. Prettier fields and stadiums, of course, are striking. Human faces and unequal player animations are also noticed. There is no falsehood on the field, for the first time in a series you look at the screen and see a performance, not a puppet theater. Sometimes, however, the most zealous football players run into the goal and are desperate to blunt there, betraying an imperfection of the simulation. Little things in life, it happens. Fans at the stadium are overgrown with meat - now these are full-fledged models, except that their animation is simplified and repeated. Well, that’s me, I grumble.

It is difficult to express dissatisfaction - I see no reason. FIFA , even though a year late, came to our not-so-targeted platform. And now you can have fun, roll the ball with a friend - the benefit of the controller is enough for only one, someone will manage the keyboard. And everyone is welcome here - beginners will appreciate a lot of options for complexity, old people (if they still have remained faithful to the PC) will enjoy the graphics and animations. Everyone will enjoy beautiful goals and surgically accurate gears - in FIFA 11, playing beautifully turns out on the move. Therefore, she broke records last year. I want to return to these alluring lawns. And there are Russian commentators too. “Amazing.”

Pros: finally a decent appearance; the abundance of players in online mode; entertainment; simplicity.
Minuses: playing the keyboard is no longer so convenient.