Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light: Overview

We are already used to the fact that Lara is not getting old. Moreover, each time her bust changes size, too. This is all characteristic of the series. Like the fact that we look at the tomb raider from the ass from the back. And now the developers are slipping us something new. Play best y8 games at the website. Y8 games online play this games, relax, have fun. Top view, "cooperative", a different genre ... but decency for the sake of the lack of Tomb Raider in the title.

Usually such reincarnations do not lead to anything good. Recall at least Command & Conquer 4 . How many tears were shed by Kane fans when they found out what kind of setup framed EA . Therefore, we always advocate that if developers cut everything down and build something completely new in the old place, then let them take the heroes of others. And you can send the old ones to rest...

Having crossed out the main “name” of the game and calling everything an alternative history, the authors seem to have untied their hands. Whatever they come up with, this will not affect the series. As the confrontations between the USSR and the USA from Red Alert did not interfere with the development of the Tiberium saga.

True, Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light is not very different in plot from its predecessors. Once again, there is a certain artifact in the world that beckons all adventurers, and again it is guarded by mysterious guards and wild animals. So again, Larochka needs to defeat everyone, get a fashionable trinket and then brag about it at social events to people.

Only this time the heroine will not run by herself. The company she will make a Maya Totek fighter. He must share with Mrs Croft all the hardships, and also help her solve the puzzles, because his spear is not only a lot of “damage”, but also an excellent support for jumping that sticks into any wall.

Theotka, by the way, can be taken under control by your comrade, but the “cooperative”, alas, is designed so far only for those sitting at the same computer. Connection via the Internet promised to add, but later. How much later - the devil knows. Therefore, we will talk exclusively about the "single".

The genre has changed. Lara’s new haven is a top-down action movie. Like in Alien Breed or Burn Zombie Burn! . Only if, for example, in the latter everything was built on the non-stop shooting and annealing of charming greenskins, in the Guardian of Light in the first place adventure and mystery. The developers could not completely change the series, it remains still very recognizable.

From the first seconds we find ourselves in crypts and tombs. The space is lit by torches that always burn on the walls, Lara runs along bridges hanging over bottomless abysses and stumbles upon a variety of magical artifacts.

But only if earlier we had to study the levels in detail, get through the jungle to the necessary levers in order to start the gate opening mechanism, solve really difficult puzzles, now any obstacle can be completed in about forty seconds.

We have pistols, spears, mines and a rope in our inventory, which means that with one of the four objects you can solve any puzzle. If you need to climb somewhere, we stick a spear into the wall and use it as a support. Have to climb much higher? So, we need to manage to make one more “step”, but again with the same subject.

We blow up barriers with mines and “launch” all kinds of mechanisms. For example, if we need to open a door at a great distance, but we cannot get into the switch from pistols. Well, the cable will always come in handy to us always when we see a special ring for which it clings. There’s practically no need to think. We see that something is golden in the distance, they pressed the corresponding key, and Mrs. Croft will do everything herself.

From what has been said above, it may seem that the game is either for casuals, or simply elementary and boring. Say, if you don’t need to think, then these riddles are tropical jungle to be eaten by tigers in the forest.

However, the developers compensated for the simplicity of the fun. Suppose we need to open the door in order to get to the next location, but the lattices interfere that rise from the floor and stick into the ceiling. To lower them, it is necessary to press the switch, but it works cunningly - it lowers one lattice, raises the other. Therefore, we must manage to quickly and accurately shoot, immediately jump over an obstacle that has already begun to crawl out of the ground and rush forward.

The puzzles here are ... dynamic. Walking around, thinking for a long time and trying dozens of options - this is not to the liking of the current thief. She does not like to solve mathematical equations, carefully and leisurely writing formulas in a notebook. And if the earth disappears underfoot, a huge stone boulder rolls down to Lara, and only an abyss behind, then it’s already worth breaking your head over such a difficult life situation. We have to do everything quickly and accurately. Impressions are very pleasant.

In addition, there is a kind of competitive part. At each level, a bunch of additional missions. Both the banal “Collect 100,000 points” and the graceful ones that appear along the way. We went into the room, and there are ten columns, on which we must jump. And then the task pops up: "Jumping on the columns, never fall." And this is more or less simple. There are complex and even hidden ones that you yourself must literally accidentally discover.

However, an action movie with a top view has a large number of shootings. Puzzles are good, but they can tire. How tired senseless movements in Alien Breed or repetitive actions in Alien Swarm .

And it was hard to believe that the developers could handle it. That is, they can make interesting fights, and not boring tyagomotin, where we would have to ridiculously kill crocodiles in batches.

Lara has a whole arsenal of cannons behind her, she shoots with two pistols, throws spears, shoots from machine guns, grenade launchers, twin Uzi and flamethrowers. At the same time, it also jumps in different directions, jumps on high ground and annihilates enemies by dozens at once.

Moreover, the battles are even very diverse. At each level, new opponents appear. So, in the dungeons we come across spiders, which are best burned from a flamethrower. In the swampy area there are crocodiles and special demons exuding stench. Plus, the environment is always peculiar. But the territory also dictates tactics. And if in the field we jump and run in circles, then in the crypt, where there are only narrow bridges and abysses from all sides, we must fight very carefully.

Well, we will not forget the bosses who, as is customary, are completely different from each other and are liquidated somehow artfully. Although there are leaders who simply die from an overabundance of lead in the body.

In general, the mixture of shootouts and adventures turned out to be very good. And it is really amazing that this was done, firstly, with Lara Croft, and secondly, those who have not been involved in such projects before. But in addition to purely gameplay, Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light has other advantages.

The top view allows us to consider locations much better. Croft used to occupy half the screen. Now she is tiny, barely noticeable. But we are very clearly visible to the work of designers and artists. Not to say, of course, that the graphics are super-modern - no, technically everything is quite ordinary. But the quality of work is simply excellent.

You see the screenshots. A static picture is good. In the video review you can see what it is like in dynamics. All these abysses, gloomy crypts and tombs, night jungles and territories near ancient temples. After an abundance of similar space games, you just can’t get enough of normal landscapes here.

Still, a rare case: an alternative part of the series (and even in a different genre) was a success. This is not just an attempt to somehow make money on fans. And not the dying breath of Tomb Raider . Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light is a good game.

Pros: good puzzles that are interesting to solve; spirit of adventure; peppy skirmishes; good appearance.
Cons: sometimes the length of the gameplay; some uniformity inherent in the genre; miserable "cooperative".