News: End of Netanyahu era or Israel is on the verge of political unrest

For the second time in five months, the Israelis woke up at the dawn of a new, but very familiar day: the two main political parties in the country were again at a standstill.
Partial results show that the Likud party of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will be supplanted by the blue and white party of the main contender Benny Ganz. It is assumed that the center-left Ganz party will take 32 seats, and Netanyahu - 31 out of 120 in parliament.

"Divided to the Bones"

With 91% of the vote counted on Wednesday afternoon, the Netanyahu bloc is six places less than the majority.
Avigdor Lieberman, whose secular right-wing party Israel Beitein is projected to win nine seats, could again become number one candidate, gaining power to send the country to the next round of elections.

“The picture is clear. There is only one option, and this is a government of broad liberal unity, ”he said, referring to a potential coalition consisting of his Israel Beitein, Likud, and Blue and White.

But this alliance means that Ghana will have to break the promise he made to his supporters: never sit in the same coalition as Netanyahu.

“I am very disappointed,” said Aaron Jenish, a fashion designer from the northern port city of Haifa, who voted for the Blue and White. “Am I surprised? Unlikely. These elections are an accurate reflection of society in Israel. We are divided to the bone. ”

To understand the tragedy of separation in a small Middle Eastern country, one needs to look no further than the other parties joining the Israeli parliament or the Knesset.
The right-wing Likud and the center-left Blue and White follow the ultra-orthodox Shas party, followed by the Unified List - a union of four Arab parties - and religious Judaism represented by the United Torah.

“The real problem is that nothing will change,” says 33-year-old Shaked, the mother of a newborn girl.
“This is my real concern. People are lethargic because they know that it does not matter. Does anyone stop the occupation? Does anyone freeze the construction of new settlements? Does anyone make life here easier than before? I doubt it very much. ”

In Israel, it is customary to say that you can sleep with one winner and wake up with another. This uncertainty is suspicious even for those who are satisfied with the results.
“In any case, all parties are corrupt,” said Yoram Naumann, an Israeli lawyer.
“But I am pleased with the results, because at least they mean that in one form or another Ganz and his party will have to become part of the government. This is a small step in the right direction. ”

However, Netanyahu's supporters support their candidate.
“I seriously consider Netanyahu the best prime minister Israel can have,” said Asaf Sheetrit, 34. "The left always thinks that the people who vote for him are uneducated or uninformed - but this is ridiculous."

If there are no significant changes when publishing the final results, there will be many losers in these elections. One could be Netanyahu, who was desperate for an absolute majority in the hope of enacting a law that would grant him immunity from potential criminal prosecution of corruption charges.

But every day the Israelis seem to bear the brunt of the election.
“I'm just tired,” says Jenish. “We cannot go to the polls every few months because our politicians are too corrupt to act like representatives of the right democracy.” Friv games play online at this website Play today at the best friv games.