Alpha Protocol: Friv Game Overview

Everything! You can already write in the comments something like "well, finally," or "really, I thought it would not." Yes, the Alpha Protocol review in text form was a bit delayed. Let it be because the game is so deep and varied. The author supposedly broke his leg in all these dialogs and endings. Or as a reason, you can name the huge emotional burden of disappointment. He fell down on the poor creator of the author and crushed him, they didn’t expect this from espionage adventures ... The main thing is not to think that the warm season and the joys associated with it are to blame. team works without days off, holidays and vacations. You will learn a little secret of Alpha Protocol delay at the end of the article, and now about the game. Only the best online friv games are presented on this mega portal. Play online games on the friv games site with the whole family.

If you have already watched the video review of Stepan Chechulin , then why are you reading this? excellent, happy for you. I will explain to everyone else what it is for. Alpha Protocol , as you easily learned from its card on the site, was created by Obsidian . In addition to the brutal name, the office has a team of developers from the legendary Black Isle and, in fact, direct involvement in projects of the Fallout series . Fergus Urghart was even settled in the city of Hub - that's how cool and influential he is. On the other hand, despite this remote command, Obsidianonly engaged in the development of continuation of role-playing projects. Over the years, it is clear that Neverwinter Nights 2 is deeper, better and more fun than the first part, and Knights of the Old Republic 2 is a cut above the original from Bioware in the plot. However, after the release, the average player usually wrote on the next forum something like “how do you play this important G?”, And then with a light heart deleted the Obsidian creation from the computer. With Neverwinter Nights 2 , this is exactly what happened to me.

I hope from this long paragraph it is clear that the developers are cool guys without measure, but are famous for the fact that there is always something wrong with their projects. And the cropped plot, as in KotOR 2- This is still small things. The Alpha Protocol was all the more interesting , because this is not a continuation already, but a full-fledged, separate and independent game. Well, the call to wait for a beep and to be interested in geese in a fire was greatly intrigued. 57 second trailer. If anyone does not remember.

I, perhaps, will not tell you the details of the plot. We will manage with brief military espionage information. The main character is Michael, he is new to the Alpha Protocol agency. Top-secret espionage cases are happening in the world, but for some reason, for obvious reasons, we are the focus . Then comes the banal story about betrayal and the whitewashing of an honest name. In the overall plan, the Alpha Protocol is not happy with surprises - yes, it is based on jagged, what to do.

It is funny, however, that the very development of events and participation in this process cannot be called hackneyed. Everyone probably already knows that the dialogs in the Alpha Protocol are organized in the manner of Mass Effect.. There are no clear phrases - only the general essence in one word. It's funny, but in ME this feature was implemented poorly, although during the development they didn’t shout about revolutionism, but they shrieked piercingly, like a thousand queens of Sindel. There are only two differences from Mass Effect . The first is that the dialogs branch out (this is an injection of ME, for sure). The same action can lead to different consequences. And without time limits - what was said at the beginning will easily come out sideways (or sideways) at the end. The reverse is also true - if in the face of the guard say something that he does not like for religious reasons, he will make a colander out of a hero; the informant will not tell you something interesting; and a character who can be spared and drawn from this action many profits will remain a cold corpse to fertilize the expanses of another "hot" country.

You can talk about the main features of the Alpha Protocol for a long time, even before turning blue. Branching dialogs and influencing the plot is what Fallout did.immortal. Something I do not want to grind dozens, hundreds of cases of cause-effect, which create a sense of ownership and so on. Play, feel. The espionage topic is not very close to me, so let's move on to seemingly less complicated things: from plots to post-shootings, entourage and all that.

In general, I terribly do not like to dump the result in the beginning. Or the conclusion in the introduction to the article. It turns out unfounded and stupid - especially if the text is large. The author said everything he wanted in two lines, and the rest is an empty appendage. This article is small, so I’ll say sad things immediately and without ornate designs, vigorously drunk with sarcasm.

Alpha Protocol looks bad. Everyone speaks and writes about poor animation. I was even surprised that Western critics of the terrible found this? Maybe overdo it? It turned out, no. And alright, just clumsy different crawled into my eyes. So they actually throw! Well, how could you not notice during the development that the character twitches from side to side when moving? Press S + D, and then quickly A + W. The main character joyfully recallsFallout and repeats the legendary bug - there, if you click on the run several times with the mouse on the other side, the hero in the air, with his legs raised, scrolls around the axis, and then calmly moves on. The Alpha Protocol has such an annoying crooked car. No, the whole train with two locomotives.

It’s sad that the flaws are not only in the animation. If you discard a magnificent journey through the plot, acting out and influence, then a very weak project remains technically weak. Appearance - not very impressive. Locations are like twins.

The skill tree is a design flaw. Why pump up hand-to-hand combat if the blows are always the same, and in your pocket is a quick-fire machine that will allow you to clean out the territory a hundred (five hundred) times faster? And in general, it often happens that glasses killed for pumping do not come in handy ... or become useless. For example, most levels are such that there is nothing to do with pistols. (Well, personally, hoping out of ignorance of the cool stealth, I just chose pistols and hand-to-hand combat. Everything went smoothly and without problems, headshots were set well. - Ed. ) Will waste ammunition in the air.

Finally, in perplexity, the eyebrow takes off from all sorts of covert actions. This is a stealth action, as they say in the West. And even more so about spies - much closer to the genre? In general, things with silent passage are exactly the same as with different types of weapons. If you have a cool machine, it will be faster and easier to kill everyone. And all this will not especially affect the result.

And I also recall hacking systems that funly migrated from consoles. They look like this. We approach the computer, a field of characters appears on the screen. Some of them are constantly changing, but two sequences always remain in place. These are our codes. To hack into a computer, we need to point the same segment exactly at the right place in the field. Nothing complicated, like, another arcade puzzle. But there are two codes. The left one moves the keyboard, there is no problem with it. But the right one - exclusively with the mouse and extremely slow. You cannot set the sensitivity. And if the code is too low, then you can start hacking anew - you just don’t have time to get there. It is easier with doors: there you need to maintain a balance, bring the tongue to the desired level. On the gamepad, this is probably difficult. But I have been able to put the mouse in the right place in microseconds for at least fifteen years. PC players are super spies, not otherwise. And the best of them.

I promised at the end to say why the Alpha Protocol review was delayed. There are reasons. Philosophy and all that is strongly involved. As for philosophy, we'll talk with you again. In the fall. Follow the news. And the pathos ellipsis ...

Well, and the Alpha Protocol , as you can see, received "Commendable." For plot-interactive options, but to play it, frankly, I did not really like it.

Pros: non-linearity in dialogs and events; many ways to influence the outside world; unusual setting.
Cons: oak plot; curve camera; bugs; Errors bad level design; cardboard heroes.