TOP Best Motorcycle Games of 2021

In this article, the TOP Best motorcycle games online of 2021: sport races, roar of engines, stunts and other biker romance! Motorcycle games allow users of personal computers, consoles and even mobile devices to do dizzying stunts, participate in sports races and compete with the most experienced riders in professional leagues, while not endangering their lives and health. If you are also not alien to the romance of biker or extreme cravings, be sure to check out our selection of the best games to ride mopeds, ATVs and motorcycles.

It would seem that there could be more primitive and banal than another racing game about motorcyclists - you start the race with a dozen other participants, press the pedal and rush along the winding tracks to the winning finish line. There are a huge number of such projects now. Only now the developers of Road Redemption decided to somewhat diversify the usual formula by distributing various weapons to rivals - wrenches, baseball bats, katanas and other tools to kill their own kind. As a result, each competition turned into a real meat grinder, where only the most agile and quick-witted motorcyclist will remain in the saddle.

Road redemption

I am very glad that, unlike other races in which everything is limited to tournaments and a series of races, Road Redemption offers a full story campaign. Some of the tasks here are generated randomly, so you won't have to get bored of the monotony. The second clear advantage is complexity. There will be no saving in the middle of the stages or the ability to rewind time if you suddenly do not fit into the turn. Spent your entire health bar? Be prepared to start over. But if you managed to successfully pass the stage, then the game will reward you with the opportunity to pump a vehicle, armor, weapons and other elements. The upgrade tree is quite branched and allows you to seriously strengthen the rider, which will be extremely useful after the end of the first third of the passage, when the difficulty begins to increase significantly.

Trials rising

Trials Rising is the latest part of a successful series of arcade moto simulators released under the wing of the well-known Ubisoft by a small Finnish studio. The game is a motorcycle trial in a 2.5-dimensional space, where gamers have to travel from point A to point B of the level, overcoming a variety of obstacles on their way - balancing on logs, jumping over trampolines, driving through fire and twisting somersaults in flight. Initially (somewhere in the first 10-15 levels) the game does not seem to be at all difficult, but over time, the creators begin to openly mock the players, giving them a real test for their reflexes and ingenuity. It will take a lot of trying before you can show a decent result - unless, of course, you grew up on projects in the spirit of Super Meat Boy.

The main advantage of Trials Rising can rightfully be considered a competitive element. Any route can be passed sooner or later, making a bunch of attempts, but the result can hardly be called impressive and worthy of getting into the rating table. But if you manage to complete the track on the first try, without falling anywhere and trying not to slow down, you can compete for a position in the online leaderboard. The game also has a multiplayer component for 8 people, a track editor that allows you to create your own tracks and share them with the community, and newfangled loot boxes with all sorts of things - coloring, colors, stickers and other things that individualize the appearance of your racer and his iron horse.

MotoGP 2019

Do you want to become a world-class racer and drive on real-life motorcycle racing tracks? Then at your service is an unusually realistic MotoGP sports simulator, which with its new episode has taken to a completely new level. Yes, as before, there are ring tracks, championships with points and other typical activities, but the artificial intelligence of computer opponents has now become much smarter. They competently rebuild and clearly enter the turn, giving the player how to strain - it does not happen like in many other races, when you overtook all your rivals at the start and now drive all n-th number of laps all alone.

And if you are not even impressed by advanced artificial intelligence, then it makes sense to immediately go to the network game - online players can not only participate in races with randomly selected opponents, but also invite friends, and also hold their own events as race directors. The director can change many parameters right during the race, for example, change clear sunny weather to cloudy and rainy, punish riders for breaking the rules. Despite the strong connection to online, private lobbies have not gone anywhere either - no one will prevent you from creating a session with your own conditions and inviting other users there.

Ride to Hell: Retribution

It should be noted right away that we have in front of us in all respects a disgusting game, which at one time received devastating assessments from both professional reviewers and ordinary users. But since she is one of the representatives of biker action games that can be counted on the fingers of one hand, it is simply impossible not to write about her. Retribution invites you to plunge into the atmosphere of the 60s of the last century, when all respectable patriots of the Stars and Stripes country have already gone to fight in Vietnam, and the remaining unreliable elements have been drawn into crime. The main character, Jack Conway, belongs to the first category, while his brother foolishly decided to try himself as a bandit. No wonder they kill him very soon.

Initially, the creators wanted to make something like GTA out of Ride to Hell - a large open world, a lot of vehicles and other grandiose plans, but then something went wrong, and the game was severely cut. Now there is only a small town and a few locations / tracks. The main activities in this small world are racing survival races, when you need not only to outrun rivals and dodge obstacles on the road in time, but also to participate in QTE-battles; clearing crowds of opponents with fists and improvised items; firefights using a stationary turret. An additional element that will surely delight motorcycle fans is the ability to customize your bike.

Urban Trial Freestyle

Another arcade trial that allows you to ride along several dozen 2.5-dimensional tracks united by an urban theme. Parks, unfinished buildings and many other locations in the game have one thing in common - they are full of various jumps, abysses, slides and extreme descents that require extreme concentration from the riders. After all, one has only to accelerate too much, do not have time to pick up speed in time or roll over in flight, as your face buries in the asphalt. In general, sheer adrenaline - and this is all seasoned with the ability to do a wide variety of tricks: rides on walls, ollies, backflips and many others that really exist. And it's not just time that matters. The more stylish and varied the race is, the more points you will receive points for it.

In total, the game has three main modes - races with a timer, trial and grounds with tricks. On each of them, you can set your own records and publish your achievements in the global ranking tables. Among the pluses, one can also note the excellent graphics with excellent lighting implementation (it is a pleasure to watch the sunsets and sunrises in the game), and the reliable physics of the motorcycle. While writing somersaults, you are unlikely to see anything unusual, but if the poor racer flies into an obstacle or rolls head over heels on the ground, it will look gorgeous.

Tt isle of man

The game got its name from one of the most challenging tracks in professional racing competition. The deadly journey through Mount Snaffel is recreated here with amazing accuracy - you can drive the entire 60 kilometers, recognizing every bend and sharp turn of this unique track. As a pilot, you can choose one of dozens of professional racers, and the vehicle - the most modern bikes from well-known manufacturers, which can accelerate up to 300 km / h. The realistic physics of motorcycle control was personally approved by the TT riders, whom the developers invited to advise when creating their simulator.

In addition to the classic two-wheeled motorcycle racing, in one of the additions to the game, motorcycles with a sidecar were introduced, the control of which is strikingly different from the usual. The rider of the bike and the person in the passenger seat must coordinate their efforts to get to the finish line first. You can either ride along the track, accompanied by artificial intelligence, or enlist the support of your friend in cooperative mode. The game, which is nice, supports not only the online multiplayer function, but also the ability to play on one device in split screen mode (co-op and versus). Plus there is a table of records and other additional functions that increase replay value.

Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned

Before us is a large-scale addition for the famous GTA IV, which provided players with a new protagonist - Johnny Klebitz. This guy is the right-hand man of the leader of one of the most influential biker groups in Liberty City, taking part in all its illegal affairs - drug trafficking, smuggling, contract killings. You can't do without traditional biker racing, fights in bars after a few bottles of beer and cuddling with easily accessible girls. But the usual life immediately went to hell when old man Billy Gray was released from the drug treatment clinic - he immediately turned everything upside down, broke a truce with another biker gang and dragged the main character into dangerous adventures.

Now Johnny will have to deal with unpretentious courier orders, large-scale sweeps and mafia showdowns, simultaneously trying to have fun in the survival races (yes, no one will prevent you from just going around opponents, but it's much more fun to shoot and ram them in the spirit of the good old Road Rush). I am very glad that The Lost and Damned brought a lot of new vehicles to the fourth GTA - not only motorcycles and choppers, but also such a nice feature as checkpoints between mission areas. Previously, in GTA, you had to spend a lot of time on restarts in order to once again fail the attempt to go through problematic moments - now this has become noticeably easier.


Pure is a four-wheeled motorcycle (ATV) off-road driving simulator with such a smooth and harmonious gameplay that even more than 10 years after its release, it is still fun to play. With realism, the developers immediately decided to say goodbye, focusing on speed and adrenaline. Vehicles here very quickly pick up speed and, not giving a damn about all the laws of physics, take off from the springboards at impressive distances, and during the flight, especially skillful racers manage to do a few tricks and score points for themselves. Having collided with the ground, the ATV continues its race as if nothing had happened, and even receives a charge of nitrous oxide as a reward, designed to provide it with additional acceleration.

At the end of the race, the race participant is given new parts and other bonuses, with the help of which it will be possible to customize his vehicle. Everything changes - wheels, seats, handles, etc. Moreover, some improvements are present not just for beauty, but have practical value. With their help, it is possible to improve traction with the road, providing better acceleration and handling characteristics, to increase the reserves of nitro in the cylinder and to “pump” the maximum speed. The only drawback in this case is that you will be trite bored. The developers failed to balance the difficulty properly, so a good four-wheel bike will make even a mediocre rider a winner. With time, having adapted, you will ride in splendid isolation, while the rivals will dangle in the tail.

Valentino Rossi: The Game

Motor sports enthusiasts will surely know about such a famous person as Valentino Rossi, an Italian racer who has collected a huge amount of prize money in the most prestigious competition series. The creators of the MotoGP franchise managed to attract this man by doing a separate spin-off with him with a big budget. In Career Mode, players will be able to repeat the path of becoming a glorified athlete, starting as a rookie of the VR46 Academy and reaching the title of undisputed champion. Of course, other famous personalities will also be present in the list of available characters (there are almost two hundred of them). You will need to ride not on fictional, randomly generated tracks, but on real racing stadiums, recreated with amazing accuracy. Don't believe me? Just go to Google and search for photos there.

The physics of vehicles has also changed in a positive direction. The creators have worked on the suspension and tires - the grip now feels a little better. The changes also affected the physics of the body, which became more realistic and led to more difficult handling of the motorcycle. Specific tracks now require their own tactics, which allow you to perfectly fit into a turn without significantly losing speed. For example, at the Losal circuit you will have to drive more than once before you can show a decent result. After all, the sharp turns that are not always in wait for the riders at every step will be obvious. Sometimes it only remains to adapt or memorize the terrain.

Ride 3

The third part of the most realistic racing simulator, where anyone can take part in adrenaline races on real-life tracks in different parts of the world. Users will find excellent graphics and realistic change of weather conditions. Understandably, before the start of the competition, the player will be allowed to choose one of nearly 2.5 hundred two-wheeled cars and customize it properly - from the colors, decals on the body, and ending with the calibration of technical characteristics for better handling and acceleration on the road. The rider himself can also be dressed up in a beautiful and practical uniform, choose a helmet from a well-known manufacturer.

There is also a drawback worth mentioning - the greed of the developers. The creators of Ride 3 shredded their project thoroughly, deciding to sell the lion's share of content in DLC format. Moreover, not only some motorcycle models are sold separately, but also additional competition chains. For example, in the "Japanese pack" there are as many as five well-known brands - Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, etc., plus an additional ten races are added. It is not surprising that the developers were showered with negative reviews for this approach, although in terms of gameplay the project turned out to be more than worthy - the bikes behave realistically, and the rivals force them to squeeze out all the power and try to fit perfectly into every turn.

Ride 4

Instead of killing around corners in real races, imitating reckless racers, where it would be more appropriate to sit comfortably in a chair in front of the monitor and install Ride 4 - the new part of this series of simulators took another confident step towards realism, recreating dozens of licensed iron horses with photographic accuracy. as well as the physics of their behavior. To do this, the developers used advanced 3D scanning technologies, laser scanning and CAD drawings. No less attention is paid to the tracks themselves, of which there are an impressive number of them.

Also worth noting is the new artificial intelligence of enemies, which is based on neural networks and machine learning. ANNA - this is how the creators of the game called the new technology, made the racers faster, smarter and more accurate, so that gamers will not have to get bored not only in multiplayer activities, but also when completing single trials. Judging by the reviews on Steam, the developers in some places even overdid it - some players call Ride 4 too difficult and because of this they put negative reviews.

MotoGP ™ 20

And again a game from Milestone Srl, which literally privatized the unpopular genre of motorcycle games. MotoGP 20 turned out to be a logical development of the series, placing equal emphasis on the races and their mechanics, as well as on the management of the riders, their teams and building a career. From the first seconds of the gameplay demonstration, you can notice prettier graphics, more elaborate physics and realistic faces of the racers, which are now filmed using the technology of scanning real models. Now legendary MotoGP competitors will be your rivals in historic races.

Tuning motorcycles in the game is a pleasure - here you can create unique bike colors and change the design of the rider's suit, enter into partnership contracts and hang sponsor's logos on the iron horse and the equipment of its owner. Moreover, they will be seen not only during the passage of single tests, but also in multiplayer activities. Online has been improved at the request of fans and now each user will be able to create a dedicated server for playing with friends or invited users.

Other games worth mentioning too

Despite the fact that motorcycle games are not a very popular genre (most people still prefer four-wheeled vehicles), there are still many interesting projects. Among them it is worth highlighting:

  • Gravity Defied is one of the loudest hits of java platforms, later transferred to modern smartphones with touch screens. The gameplay is a race from left to right along a minimalist designed track, but with all its simplicity, it is fascinating and addictive. A huge number of mods with hundreds of different levels have been released for the game.
  • Wheelman is a game from Midway Studios starring Vin Diesel. The notorious actor gave his appearance and voice to Milo Berik, an undercover policeman. Together with him, the players will take part in spectacular shootouts and chases on motorcycles and cars. And all this is mixed with stunt tricks, for example, the ability to jump from one vehicle to another on the go.
  • Elasto Mania is a cult 2D platformer game in which the racer had to navigate through multi-level locations full of various traps and collect apples scattered across them. The trouble is that any collision of a rider with an obstacle will entail an instant restart. As the difficulty increases, you will have to learn how to write out dead loops, instantly turn 180 degrees and stand on one wheel in order to get around all obstacles.
  • Dakar 18 is a rally simulator set in the sandy wastelands of South Africa. You can take part in the competitions on a variety of vehicles - not only on motorcycles, but also on ATVs, cars, trucks, etc. Among the advantages are a large open world, realistic weather conditions and physics of behavior of cars.

In the future, loud announcements on the topic of motorcycle games are not expected - the category is still specific and little in demand, but we can say with confidence that the MotoGP, Trials and other series, which are almost annually released, will continue to be released. Plus, there is always the opportunity to ride and stunt a bike in some open-world action game - GTA, Saints Row and similar games.