Walkthrough Murdered: Soul Suspect - Prologue: Death Is Only the Beginning No. 1

You begin the adventure in front of the house where you fought with the criminal you were chasing. Using the interaction button, you interact with objects and people in the game. The beginning of the game is actually a tutorial. This will allow you to easily learn the basics of the game. Get to the door and try to open it (interaction button). Unfortunately, this is closed. Then, using the navigation buttons, reach out to the door and press the interaction button.

Unfortunately, you cannot enter the building just now.
After the cut scene, you will see your dead body. Use the movement buttons to reach out to the face and press the interaction button. Now, using the motion buttons and camera buttons, you must match your spiritual body to a physical one lying on the ground. You start with the foot. Use the control buttons to make your foot cover the material. Then use the camera button to change the angle of the foot. Keep up the good work with your hand and head. A cut scene will start, after which you will become a 100% ghost. The main mission begins.

"Head to the light"
You must go to the light. This task will begin after the proper alignment of the spiritual body with that which lies on the street. After the cut-scene, return to the street. Try talking to a man and a woman (interaction buttons). Unfortunately, they do not hear you.

You are invisible to other people.
You complete the Head to the Light task. The next main mission begins.

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