Walkthrough Timeshift - Mission: Factory Recall II

Break out and destroy all enemy soldiers. Start moving forward. Now you have to keep track of several platforms. Currently they occupy the upper floors. Use a crossbow or sniper rifle to kill them. You should consider activating slow motion. Keep going straight. In the end you will meet a new staircase.

As soon as you embark on a new platform, start moving towards a large column, which can be found near the glass rooms. You will find a new staircase there. This time you have to go down. Your goal here will be to reach a new platform. Save the game before deciding to move on.

Start straight ahead. Next you have to turn right. You must find the stairs. Use the stairs to reach the top level.

In the end, you will find yourself in a new control room. Here you will not meet enemy units. However, you should consider maintaining your current progress. Go to the main console and press one of the buttons. You will be rewarded with a short scene. As you probably noticed, new enemy soldiers appeared at the warehouse. We will have to deal with them. You should also check the taskbar because you will get a new target.

New mission goal: go through the ammunition depot to the assembly doors

Go to the left door. This time you will have to avoid electric shock, so you should quickly go back as soon as you see the lighting bolts. You can enter this corridor again, this time without any unpleasant surprises. Go to the right door. This will allow you to return to the warehouse. If you are patient enough, you can try to kill new enemy units from here. Unfortunately, this will not be easy, because they are fast, even if you decide to enable slow motion.

If you don’t want to spend too much time here, use two adjacent stairs. As a result, you will be on the ground. Activate slow motion and try to kill at least a few soldiers. Do not worry about their attacks, because here you will not lose too much health. You must also use more powerful weapons against them. Choosing Hellfire seems like a good idea.

Now you have to go through almost the entire warehouse. Fortunately, you don’t have to rush much. Start moving to your first designated area. You will have to watch your compass to protect yourself from enemy attacks. Make sure you use slow motion. Otherwise, you would not have a chance to kill these guys. Each time you have to focus on one goal. Try not to fight several of them at the same time. vip-popki.net/prostitutka-kiev