Preview crazy game: Hitman

The Hitman demo was almost openly announced two weeks before the Square Enix conference. The main page of the official site of the crazy game was updated, and the image of the world map in gray tones began to circulate on the Internet, where the style was guessed quite unambiguously. The new part of the series has long been asking for the light, and the community saw it. But the announcement only caused bewilderment.

A colorful trailer in the best traditions showed what everyone has known for fifteen years: elegant murders and the stone face of a bald hitman. But what began next, to put it mildly, confused the audience. "Downloadable missions" and "online mission map" made the audience pretty confused. After the show, the developers gave several extensive interviews, and the situation became clearer. There is no reason to be nervous yet.

After Absolution, everything returned to normal, and the bald killer with the voice of David Bateson (David Bateson) again does what he does best. However, the developers suggest not paying attention to all the previous events. They say that the character is cult and forever young, so it doesn't matter in what time period the next contract unfolds. It doesn't matter if this contract is related to the previous one.

Experimentalism, cinematography and a stake on an intriguing plot are sent back to where it grew from, and with it the whole conceptuality of Hitman: Absolution . The new part goes back to the roots: the original Codename 47 or better Blood Money... A certain conditional storyline in the new part will be traced, but it is much more important and interesting to separate the stories of the unfortunate victims, which will have to be dealt with.

No more checkpoints and linear assignments. Each mission is a puzzle crazy game that requires replayability, exploration, and creativity. At the same time, the new generation of consoles provides new opportunities: any level will be 6-7 times larger than the most spacious Absolution stage , and up to 300 NPCs with unique routes and tasks will walk around the territory.

All the promised authors show in the very first gameplay trailer. The target is another bad rich guy with a Slavic name. Place - Paris Fashion Show. There are indeed hundreds of people around, and when viewed from a bird's eye view, the scale inspires respect. Exploring the level, the player will understand that there are many strange and eerie things going on around, each of which can be used to your liking. The contract will develop into a whole story, where the biographies of the characters will directly affect the development of events.

The gameplay is familiar. The authors repeat the word "sandbox" so often that they seem to be very ashamed of the previous part of the series. When entering a level for the first time, the player begins to study the terrain, memorize the heroes' routes and look for unique points for interaction, if any. Having found a way to kill the victim that suits him personally, he calculates a plan with an accuracy of a second, implements it and leaves.

There are not many innovations in this scheme, and they are not so significant. For example, it became possible to break down doors with edged weapons. One poor fellow in the trailer was literally "dunked in the outhouse" (hopefully this will be a permanent option). The system of poisons and poisoning has been expanded: some liquids will kill the target on the spot, some will act as a laxative, some will give a small margin of time before death.

The suitcases will return, where you can hide the necessary props before starting the mission. In addition, the authors say that the player can throw the pistol into the middle of the roadway, move away, and then the guards will run up, start asking, suspect and investigate, and take the weapon and take it to his closet. All that remains is to steal it, thereby bypassing the metal detectors.

The expanded system of behavior will imply a new class of enemies - "observant". These are bloodhounds who remember everyone around them (their colleagues, for example) by sight and, seeing an unfamiliar waiter, immediately suspect something was wrong. To escape from such will help "eagle vision", which will return in a kind of "more elegant" form.

Talking about funny methods of passing, the authors emphasize that an unprecedented set of tricks will be available to players: in the trailer, the villain is killed from the next roof, and pretending to be a bartender, and filling him up with the decorations of a fashion show (an accident, as always, is the most spectacular option). And in another task, you will have the opportunity to pour some explosives into a golf ball - one hit, and ... Everything as you like.

The "home" location will return, where you can buy new equipment, new types of weapons and unique devices. On this you will need to spend the money earned during the assignments. And everything seems to be good with the new part: the authors do exactly what the fans ask. But when it comes to the internal organization of the crazy game itself, questions begin.

In December, it will be possible to pick up Hitman from the virtual shelves of online stores (this name was chosen because the new part supposedly summarizes the best in the series). But not everything is so simple: buyers will not receive the whole crazy game, but only a set of starting tasks. How much is still kept secret. The overall storyline is stretched over time and will be delivered gradually, during 2016. A kind of serial structure. Only after the release of all updates will the retail version appear.

In the intervals between the release of new missions, the players will not be forgotten, but will be diligently entertained. Most notable is the new regime, where Forty-Seven has no room for error. On the world map every now and then there will be a task that needs to be completed with a single attempt. Somewhere in a familiar location, a new character appears with a specific description - if you fail to kill him, then the mission will disappear from the radar forever. It will disappear, even if you just don't turn on the crazy game for a couple of days: such orders are available for only 48 hours.

The system of "contracts" will reappear: players can still challenge each other, pointing to random NPCs in the location and inviting others to kill them. There will be regular "challenges" for various story missions, allowing you to return to the replay over and over again. Other modes were not announced, but the authors talk a lot about the creation of a whole "world of murders", that the crazy game will dynamically develop and be supplemented over time.

All subsequent packs of content will be developed based on user feedback and the tools built into the game. The authors will constantly collect statistics, rebalance weapons, monitor the most popular methods of assassination and develop the project in this direction.

In general, judging by the words of the developers, they are trying to make their own PayDay 2- a game with the longest possible life cycle, supported by constant expansion. Here's just a big "how ?!": no paid "skins", microtransactions, gold "guns" and other things in the crazy game will not be. Buy once and eventually get all the available content. And this already sounds very strange. How long can you rivet new missions for free? Or will the authors give up and say: “You misunderstood us”?

While the gameplay of Hitman raises no questions, no complaints, no special emotions, the shell in which the crazy game is wrapped remains completely incomprehensible. If you believe all the promises, it turns out that the authors are doing a full-fledged new part, but in the format of a series. By adding there daily tasks, "challenges", asynchronous multiplayer. And all would be fine, but so far there is not a single answer to the question: why reinvent the wheel, if even they promise not to take money for DLC?

PlayStation 4 users will be the first to know the answer: a pre-order beta has been announced for them. And after the release - packs of additional content, up to full-fledged locations that are not available on other platforms. The rest will have to wait for December. Or at least crazy games com, where they will show something new.