Tourism Development in Albania

Albania remains one of the most mysterious countries in Europe. Tourists are poorly acquainted with the history of the country, its landmark and nature. Indeed, for a long time, Albania remained at the fringes of the European continent. It was a Muslim country with authoritarian leadership. But lately everything has changed. Albania is a state that is developing rapidly. The past tense and long wars have left their mark on its people. But the Albanians managed to stand the test and adopt the values ​​of Europe. Albania is developing rapidly. The construction industry is very developed here. At the same time, Albania remains a beautiful country with a special flavor, its culture and tradition.

This state is located in the west of the Balkan Peninsula. The coast of the country is washed by two seas - the Ionian and Adriatic. The neighbors of Albania are Macedonia, Greece, Kosovo and Montenegro. Albania has a diverse nature. The coast is rich in both sandy and rocky beaches. Most of the country has a rocky landscape, in some places there are lowlands. The climate of Albania is Mediterranean with warm winters and hot summers. The characteristics of the country speak about the attractiveness of its tourism potential. But the stream of people wishing to visit the country is small. This is trying to fix the Albanian government, which is betting on the development of the tourism sector. For example, for this, in the summer, visas for residents of many countries were canceled. It paid off - the flow of tourists is constantly increasing. In the main centers for recreation, tourist infrastructure facilities are being built.

For visitors from our country, Albania remains a little-known state. Most citizens prefer neighboring Greece or Montenegro. Albania is still an exotic summer vacation destination. At the moment, the tourism business in the country is focused on tourists from Europe. They are attracted by many natural attractions and low prices for services.
The development of tourism infrastructure has contributed to the expansion of the construction industry. Recently, a large number of new homes have arisen. Real estate prices remain low. The rapid development of business and state assistance attract many investors from European countries. One of the investment areas remains the tourism industry.

Thus, tourists need to change their attitude towards the Albanian state. The country is constantly changing its appearance and becoming more attractive to guests.