A rare violation allows a woman to hear internal body sounds

A rare violation allows a woman to hear internal body sounds
American Rachel Pine has a small hole between the brain and inner ear. Because of this, she began to hear the sounds that her body made - the heart, digestive tract, muscles, bones, and even eyeballs, reports The Daily Mail.
This strange phenomenon in a 27-year-old young woman began in March 2014. As Pine herself compared, the sounds made by her eyes were like a splash from the movements of her hands in water. The cause of this disorder was damage to the vestibular apparatus.
In order to find out what was happening to her, the woman consulted with nine doctors in different states, but none of them managed to determine the exact diagnosis. Many of them decided that this could be due to migraine. After seven months, almost dropping her hands, Rachel Payne met an online support group for people with similar symptoms.
This happy accident brought the woman to the University of California Medical Center. In the center there were doctors specializing in helping patients who have a crack in the upper semicircular canal. This rather rare violation is due to the fact that in the inner ear of a person, in the bony semicircular canals, for unknown reasons, a small hole is formed that leads to the brain.
Ear surgeon Quinton Gopin and his colleague, neurosurgeon Isaac Young, successfully operated on more than 60 patients with this deviation over 5 years. The operations completely saved people from an unpleasant illness. To achieve this goal, doctors developed a procedure with minimal invasion, which allowed patients to fully recover in just three weeks.
Before the operation, computed tomography reveals the exact location of the hole in the bone, the diameter of which is usually not more than two millimeters. After that, a small hole is made in the skull, and the brain tissue is pushed to the side, which provides access to the inner ear, and the crack in the semicircular canal is filled with special bone wax. The duration of the entire procedure is about an hour and a half, and the result from it appears immediately after closing the hole.
As Pine recalls, waking up after the operation, she was glad that she no longer heard any sounds. One of the most popular chat sex 100% Free! There is no option to pay. Free adult chat rooms featuring sex chat rooms for everyone. Includes roleplaying, porn and image exchange live online chatrooms. Mobile and tablet ready.