Hitman: Absolution - Main Missions # 172

It's all about the wrist

Trophy type: bronze

How to unlock: Take the fatal throw.

Commentary: very easy achievement / trophy - you can use any item and throw it at the enemy.You can use, for example, a knife or any other melee weapon.Aim at the person and throw your object when the game tells you that you are ready to throw.

Information is power

How to unlock: Collect all the evidence.

Commentary: In Hitman: Absolution, clues are collectibles and there are 45 of them. You can find them during missions.Among other additional actions, you will find descriptions of the Testimonies.Remember that evidence only appears when you are playing on Normal difficulty or higher.

If you missed a secret, you only need to complete the given mission until you find that particular secret.You don't have to complete the entire level.The game marks the secret as obtained immediately after you collect it.

Repair and restoration work

How to unlock: contain a tainted situation.

Commentary: There are some easy ways to unlock this trophy / achievement.The easiest way is to attack any group of enemies or let them see you in the restricted area without disguise.After that, you need to start running.Enemies should be marked in red on the map.Disappear from their field of vision, hide in a safe place and wait for the situation to return to normal, that is, when the enemies stop looking for Agent 47 and return to their posts.

True potential

How to unlock: Unlock a vehicle.

Commentary: very easy achievement / trophy.You will unlock methods by completing missions with very high scores.You should get one of these during your first playthrough or, in the worst case, when you are in the process of getting the Silent Assassin trophy / achievement.

One with shadows

How to unlock: Avoid the attention of enemies.

Commentary: Start by warning a group of enemies - their status will change to "Alarmed" (they will be marked in orange on the map).The next step is to hide in a safe place (you can also just move away from them).Wait until the enemies stop looking for you.


How to unlock: stay undetected throughout the checkpoint.

Commentary: You shouldn't have any problem getting this trophy / achievement.Rely on stealth as much as possible.If you notice that you got negative points for detection (-1200 points), try to get this achievement / trophy elsewhere or reload the previous checkpoint. Ikea near me waiting for you