Tips for completing the game Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction. Mission "City Center". # 001

Important Note: You will no longer be allowed to use portable EMP devices. Fortunately, this does not apply to standard but less effective EMP grenades.

Passage: You begin this mission next to the destroyed helicopter. Go forward, turn right and go up the stairs.

You will be allowed to choose between the two aisles leading to the next room - left and center. Choosing the right passage will be impossible if you do not want enemy units to see you (you still will not find anything interesting there). Your next goal will be to leave the theater, and, unfortunately, this means killing all the mercenaries present in the area.

I would recommend choosing the left aisle. Walk past the lamp so that you are not noticed, and go to the nearest counter. Stay here until one of the guards stops near your position.

Glide across the table quickly and neutralize the guard in hand-to-hand combat. This will “charge” your Mark and Complete action. Now you can return to the previous area. Go to the central aisle.

Make sure you take cover next to the aisle and use the Mark and Execute system to destroy the four nearest guards, including one standing very close to Fisher. When they leave, throw a mine into this room and blow it up when more enemy units appear.

I would recommend retreating after the initial attacks, because more enemy units may appear here. Try to kill the mercenaries if you can, especially since you will be allowed to track their movements using sonar glasses.

The last two mercenaries are in the corridor leading to the next street. They can come here during the battle or stay where they were originally. If they did not appear, try to approach them and throw a grenade at them from a safe shelter.

Now you can start moving to the main exit from the museum. It does not take long until you are outside. Go forward without any delay, because you will not meet other opponents in this area.

You will soon get to a street with a large number of civilians, and you will not be allowed to use weapons and gadgets here. Do not worry it is safe. You can try to listen to some conversations, however this is not necessary. Ignore a few larger explosions. Go towards the side street when you finish exploring the area. Piliarožės kaimo turizmo sodybos nuoma Kauno rajone