Tips for completing Uncharted 4: A Thief's End. Mission 03 - Meeting with Jameson on the ship

Meeting with Jameson on the ship

After boarding the ship, do not rush to meet with Jameson for now, as you will end the chapter prematurely. Instead, inspect the deck of the ship. You can start two additional conversations with team members (Lifeguard). They can be recognized by the icons floating above their heads (one of the characters can be seen in the screenshot above).

After that, explore the elevated balcony of the ship. On the right side you can find the last treasure (Antique Arcade Token) shown in the screenshot above. Now that you have completed all the additional steps in this chapter, you can meet with Jameson (you can recognize him by his red suit). Follow Jameson to the shipment you just received and inspect its contents by clicking the Triangle button. After that, this chapter will end.

Normal life

This is a short chapter that happens almost entirely in Drake's house. Start by looking at the notes received from Jameson in the previous chapter. After you read them, you can explore the attic of the house - there are many artifacts collected during the previous adventures of the protagonist, which you can explore there. Finally, at the end of the corridor you will find a functional toy gun. You must find the four targets in the attic and shoot them from your toy gun. This will unlock one of the trophies.

Select any dialogue option.

After a while, Nate will be called by Elena. Leave the attic by lifting the hatch on the floor. If you want, you can first go through the first floor of the building, where you can find a camera, as well as a photo album. Return to the first floor and go to the kitchen. You can first look for a refrigerator or ignore it, take food from the table and sit next to Elena. After the video, you need to remember what Elena’s article was about. Regardless of your choice, the following steps will be performed the same way.

Jump through the holes and don't let the giant boulder catch you.

The time of the most interesting part of this chapter is that you can play the classic version of Crash Bandicoot. The controls are somewhat confusing, as you will use the D-pad to move with the character instead of the left analog knob. The X button is used for jumping, and the circle and square are used for basic attack. Destroy the boxes and collect apples while moving in the game.

If you want, you can try to get to the end of the game chapter (Crash has three lives), but even if you drain them all (so as not to jump over holes and prevent the boulder from catching up with you), nothing bad will happen.

Remember - do not try to beat Elena's score (3500), because at the moment this is not possible. You will have the opportunity to play again in the game, and then you can try to establish a new account (and unlock the trophy).

After watching an important scene with Sam, you can choose the adventure of the past that you want to tell him about, although this choice does not affect future events. You will finish this chapter soon and move on to the next. Reklama: greitieji kreditai ir paskolos internetu, SEO paslaugos, kriptovaliutos kasimas, xiaomi plansetės, geriausi telefonai 2019 2020, televizoriai, šaldytuvai, salsos pamokos, nevaisingumas - priežastys ir gydymas, anglų kalbos kursai vaikams, suaugusiems bei įmonėms, verslo anglų kalba Klaipėdoje, Vilniuje, Kaune