Recording Studio in CSI

Studio sound recording
Let's start with the room for recording. The entrance is to the left of you, next to Warrich. Once inside, click on the second door to get a bonus for thoroughness. Now you have to increase a small stool. Check the screen if you do not know which one. There is an insect here, and you will have to pick it up. You should also check the keyboard. If you want, press the green button (this is optional).
Turn right, because here you will find other interesting objects. Check the screen, because it is there that you will have to increase a very small object. You probably will not notice it at first sight. As soon as you come to it close enough, use the tweezers.
New Certificate: Ground Tire
Collecting the tooth, click on two other items to get bonuses to care. It will be a guitar and a bottle. You can return to where Warrick is now standing.
Now you will need to check the main recording studio room. Turn right. You will have to pick up a ribbon. I am sure that you noticed it before, but then you could not accept this. You will have to use latex gloves.
New testimony: audio cassette from recording studio.
You can go to the back of the recording studio. The entrance is to the right of the place where Eddie is now sitting. You will need to start with pressing two large objects. On the left and there are several devices. As soon as it is done, click on the desktop and box. This will allow you to open this box. Inside there is a single object. Click on it and use latex gloves.
New Certificate: Letter from Jet Charter
Your last object of interest is a laptop. Click on it and select a USB drive from your inventory.
New testimony: Eddie laptop file
You have collected a lot of evidence, so you should think about returning to the laboratory.
Your first task here will be to use CSI comparison microscope. You will need to put the power cord in the left field. As for the right window, you will need to accommodate the ground pin there. Obviously, you will get a positive result that will indicate Eddie. Then you must use the computer. Select the third option in the main menu - a special search. You have to analyze one object - a file with a laptop Eddie. As soon as it is done, you will need to listen to a short conversation. Grissom and Warrick will discuss this business.