Summer Festival at WPT Global offers big prize pools

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The opportunity is unique for any poker player, a tournament with a buy-in of $1 and a guaranteed prize pool of $1 million

The WPT Global is an online poker platform under the auspices of the WPT, the world-renowned tournament series that has one of the most beautiful and grandiose trophies of the mind-sports face-to-face scene. To get involved in the competitions you just have to go to the official WPT Global site and download the application, available both in mobile and desktop versions. And you, the reader, need to do it soon, because the Summer Festival is on, with tournaments on and prizes you can't miss.

The Summer Festival's main event is a tournament with a $1 buy-in to $1 million guaranteed prize pool. Qualifiers began on July 20 and will run until July 17. The tournaments are played on two days of the week, always on Wednesdays and Sundays, also at two times, the first at 2am (Brasília time), aimed at the Asian public, and the second at 4pm.

It is worth remembering that competitors can play as many qualifiers as they wish, so only the biggest stack will be considered for Day 2, scheduled to take place on August 21st, with only 13% surviving field. It is also important to note that each qualifier has an established maximum capacity of 5,000 competitors. Day 3 will be played when only 8 survivors remain and will be streamed live on Twitch.

Phil Ivey announces the tournament


American player Phil Ivey is one of the ambassadors of the WPT. He was once the number one earner on the face-to-face poker circuit and is still a true living legend of the sport. In a very entertaining video released on the platform's social networks, Ivey appears as a support attendant denying the $1 to $1 million tournament, when the boss confirms the information.