Time management: how to organize time and tasks?

Time management is one of the most important features of not only top management. Anyone who wants to be successful today must manage and manage their time. Separation of important and less important tasks and organization of priorities is crucial for the functioning of each person.

Time management lesson number one: ignore unnecessary

In your life there are many ways to go every morning, many tasks to solve. Few people can quickly analyze the situation and do only important things. These people are extremely effective.

Put first things first.

Important and urgent

Your mission or mission is important. Or better yet, your goal is important. You set the goal of the work, and everything connected with it is important.

The second change is urgency. We urgently need things that actively distract you, like a ringing bell or a talking colleague. They cannot be ignored. But the most urgent things are not important and are not related to your goal or task (they only distract you).

Important and urgent

These are problems or crises related to your task.

It doesn't matter and urgently

Least effective compound. Things are not good, but they put pressure on you.

Not important and urgent

Procrastination or the decision of other, not important things (spent time on social networks or unnecessary conversation at work).

Important and urgent

The most important combination that brings the most benefit to your goal. These are very important actions that promote you for a long time, but are not urgent, so you do not do this often. Seers or successful traders always carry out important and urgent actions, which over time will bring them great success. People who have mostly different combinations of these achievements will not.

Find your way to manage time

Google Calendar or Analog Calendar? In particular, Google Calendar has become a huge help in organizing time. If you do not use any calendar, you train your brain, but you are also very busy with its capabilities. Most successful people have scheduled time on the calendar.

It is important to think in context and combine actions so as not to spend too much time on the road. Communication saves time, money and your mood.

Thieves of time lead you away from important matters.


too many things at once

you say no

social networks


Get rid of thieves of time and, conversely, devote this time to important and urgent things! You will not regret it in the future. ultra roids