Wedding cake

The celebration of a solemn wedding cannot do without the main “highlight of the program” - a wedding cake. Therefore, the young people would very much like to surpass those around them and get a dessert to the wedding table that no one has ever tasted or seen. True, in the whole huge variety of cakes, several styles can be distinguished that are relevant at all times and only sometimes can be somewhat transformed and changed.
Consider the "classic" style. Wedding cake of this type is especially popular. Usually they come in light shades from white and pink to champagne. The customer most often makes his choice in favor of the classic baking options.
The main decorations of such confectionery are plastic elements from marzipan, flowers, figures, various elements from cream. Recently, cooks often decorate the cake with edible metal beads. The classic version can be single or multi-tiered, have different tastes and contain a huge variety of fillings.
Baroque style. This style of decoration is less traditional and common among customers. This style is distinguished by a great wealth of using shades. The wedding cake is a lilac-white or chocolate-beige shade, made in the Baroque style and decorated with abundant and intricate elements. In this style, as ornaments, the original curls located throughout the surface are popular.
Retro style. This style includes everything that reminds us of the "good old days." Beautiful and unusual retro cake in the form of an old car or in the form of a grandmother's chest. Such confectionery products with an original form are most often made from a plastic material - marzipan.
"Minimalist" wedding masterpieces. Although they have a simple shape, they look no less impressive. At a small family celebration, a single-tier cake with one or two decorations and a warm inscription will be appropriate. The main thing is the integrity of the idea and its professional embodiment in the product. Unconventional bright colors will also be appropriate, for example, red. The small form of the cake does not at all limit the master in the selection of ingredients. The filling can be very diverse.
On the eve of the wedding, young people face a difficult dilemma - which cake to choose? And no matter which cake they choose for the wedding - classic or retro, baroque or minimalist - the main thing is that it is tasty and meets the general style of the wedding celebration. Spy on girls online, for free and without registration! Live adult entertainment live sex chat to see how the girl of your dreams caresses herself and gets pleasure from the fact that you look at her? Would you like to watch how she touches herself with her hands and introduces various toys into the secret places of her body? Would you like to spy on how a girl brings herself to orgasm?