High heels. Victims for beauty or beauty without sacrifices?

What sacrifices are women who are not ready to make for the sake of beauty and attractiveness for the opposite sex. According to statistics, about 75% of men and more than half of women pay attention and admire beautiful female legs in high heels. Heeled shoes visually lengthens legs, slim and tightens the line of the thigh and calves, changes gait and attracts the eyes. But as they say, is the game worth the candle? Are heels safe for women's health?
All doctors say in unison - heels are bad, it is harmful to health. And not just for the legs, but for the spine, and most importantly for women's health.
A high heel forces the body to seek a new fulcrum. The main load falls on the toe, while the physiologically correctly distributed load should be uniform throughout the foot. Due to such an improper distribution, the calcaneal tendon suffers. It remains practically not involved in the process of walking, which is why it can gradually atrophy. The movements of the ankle joint are also limited, which leads to deformation of the muscles and metatarsal bone (the formation of a "bone"), impaired blood circulation.
The human body can be “lifted” to a height of no more than 3 cm without harm to health. Constant walking in high heels makes the skeleton rebuild: the center of gravity shifts, along with it the vertebrae and pelvic bones move. Displacement of the vertebrae subsequently threatens the formation of protrusions and intervertebral hernias. A violation of the circulatory system of the pelvic organs for a woman threatens even more serious problems, such as prolapse of the pelvic organs, the formation of fibroids, sexual dysfunction.
Stilettos, in addition to being beautiful, are also very traumatic, because of the thin heel they are extremely unstable. An unsuccessful fall can lead to serious sprains, torn ligaments and fractures.
How to minimize harm from your favorite shoes? Nobody forbids walking in heels, just do it right. Sometimes a situation requires being “fully armed”. You won’t wear ballet shoes under an evening dress. You need to remember a few recommendations.
- Can. But not for long. A few hours in heels are not capable of causing significant harm.
- Shoes should be comfortable, natural, well-chosen in size. With a good arch support and block.
- Alternation. Shoes in the wardrobe should be different. Most of the time you need to spend in the most convenient, close in shape to the anatomical shoes.
- Give preference to a stable heel and a fixed back.
- Do not buy winter shoes with high heels. It is better to look a little lower, but not funny and not in a cast.
- Do light gymnastics and foot baths, massages to avoid stagnation of blood and lymph.
You can be "on top" without being at heels. Do not sacrifice health, even for the sake of beauty. casino minsta insättning