Need for Speed ​​World: Friv Game Overview

Do you remember, yes, that the long-running Need for Speed series and the recipe “make another race on the same engine with almost no changes in everything” went bad with Undercover ? After a mini-failure in sales and the press, EA took her head, wrote out the Rainbow Pendelli Black Box Studios, and sent an almost complete team to invent virtual tracks for numerous fans of semi-free MMOs. Whether Shift was a coincidence is another story, but it is noteworthy that the World Anti-Crisis trilogy of “specialized” racing simulators ends. Shift was for hardcore, Nitrocame out for Nintendo Wii and DS (and remained in this rare ghetto in Russia), now - World . I then pumped myself in with gaming clients and decided to find out what the World specialization was. And he did.

Having played at least once in NfS since the days of Underground, they will immediately feel comfortable. The competition ground at Need for Speed: World is a huge city. He actively mows under Most Wanted , shows the familiar streets from Underground . Probably, therefore, it does not have a name - the scene is simply called "peace." We create a character depersonalized by the absence of even an overwhelming plot, select a code pictogram instead of a portrait for him, and set off to roll kilometers on a car of the lowest class.

First level junk is not suitable for racing anyway, and even the best in terms of parameterschariot - pot-bellied Mazdaspeed3 hatchback. Mazda painted wretchedly flocked through the virtual streets in flocks. Everyone wants to win, but the difference in the luminous sliders is really inspiring. Marketing is evil. Cars in Need for Speed: World are bought, as if in the Soviet Union, once and for almost a lifetime. The clumsy trunk of the family five-door Mazda will be an eyesore for many hours.

Money and experience are local measures. Cars are bought for the first, special skills for the second, and, no one doubted, access to material goods. Earned both of these mainly in races. We drove the track, took the victorious place - put your pocket in it, now they will send you back. A joyful newcomer to the first level with a squeal of pigs is doing away with jelly-like rivals. First place, applause, prizes. And after that - a card game in which they give experience, money, and all sorts of add-ons from the store for real money . Yes, World uses the free2play system. But inspired by the success of the riders, so far has not paid attention to it...

Awareness comes after a cursory glance, timidly thrown at the shelves of local stores. It turns out that in order to stupidly repaint a car in elegant color for a week of pasta with oil forgotten in the sun, you need to drive it back and forth with a computer about fifteen times. Moreover, victory is a prerequisite. By the fifth competition, the idlers completely lose their conscience and scoff at the poor player - then they’ll let the fourth come, or the last one. You look at the screen - and you are perplexed. Play best friv games on the site friv games online. The most popular collection of jogos friv games are presented on this mega portal.

After five or six races on accessible two or three tracks, the desire to compete with the computer disappears. It’s scary to drive with live carriers - it is not known who can get caught. I don’t feel like blowing, but risk is a noble cause. The daredevil looks around cautiously, presses the pedal with force, and ... sullenly follows the finish line at the tail. To win is practically impossible. There is always a better car. Even if it is worse in parameters(see who has what, right before the race). The rotten Nissan 240SX will bounce you out of the blue, although in the end the statistics will show that its maximum speed was less.

Yes, but to butt on the road with rivals that are a priori cooler - somehow does not motivate. Of course, I am a strong guy, but not a masochist. The developers want to make it out of me - in network competitions, experience and money are given at least three times more than in single ones. Dilemma: always lose and get at least some profits, or sometimes come first, but ride sternly and for a long time.

And after disappointments in terms of production, you notice that there is nothing special to buy. Thousands of millions of hoods, wheels, spoilers, headlights and other such familiar and beloved since Undergroundgood - disappeared without a trace. The appearance of the car is changing along with the improvement of its characteristics. Generous three options for bumpers, side skirts and rims. With a bewilderment, we look into the vinyl store, and they are just to hell... Absolutely identical cars look funny, only differently pasted with colorful pictures. Self-expression is clearly not a World horse.

Well, Need for Speed: World cannot correctly display Full HD. Figs with him, that because of a desire to please everyone, even owners of laptops with a tightly-fired integrated video system, the environment looks oak, and the effects seem to have returned from the times of PlayStation 1. Forgive, what really happens to anyone. We are already used to the fact that the product is molded raw, and brought to mind with patches. In the case of MMO - God himself ordered to do everything through a known place, then you can fix it on the go. And there would be a Worldcompletely free - everything would get away right there. And the difference is obvious: if you want with the breeze - so pay; and there is no money - earn their virtual counterparts, swallow dust and stretch in the tail.

Such a model is now found everywhere, and there are more and more online games - no one doubts the scheme works. The new NfS did not work out like everyone else. Here, what you pay, what not, you will still work hard, like a miner in the mine. Long, monotonous and humiliating. Honesty saves us from absolutely bad feedback - they let people into the world for free, everyone can feel the taste for making money and experience.

Pros: insane duration; high-quality appearance; licensed cars; the possibility of improving cars.
Minuses: the tightness of everything that is possible; free2play-system fraught with imbalance; the lack of separation of players by levels - excessive complexity and imbalance; boring single player mode.