For two weeks at the end of January and beginning of February 2019, MAP is conducting a CBEMR training workshop in conjunction with local communities and Wetlands International in Tanzania. The training, which includes at least 5 days of formal trainings and 3 days in the field to conduct practical sessions, aims to help local stakeholders renew the degraded mangrove forests of the Iriwati Delta in Tanzania, Africa.

Though the temperatures were soaring and the ride out to the restoration site was a bumpy three hours in each direction, our MAP CBEMR team of Dominic Wodehouse and Jim Enright are reporting that things are going well! Both are experts in the CBEMR method, which fosters mangrove restoration both through community efforts and restoring the principal ecological conditions necessary for natural mangrove regeneration. This will be the second training conducted in conjunction with support from Wetlands International Africa, with hopefully more to follow!