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President Abdulla Yameen: Stop Destruction of Kulhudhuffushi Mangrove in Maldives

President Abdulla Yameen: Stop Destruction of Kulhudhuffushi Mangrove in Maldives

Kulhudhuffushi Mangrove is the largest black mangrove forest in the Maldives. It hosts 8 species of true mangrove plants, 42 associated plant species and supports the entire ecosystem of the island.

As you may know mangroves play a key role in protection of coastal ecosystems. They protect coral reefs and reduce the damage from natural disasters such as Tsunamis and Cyclones. Mangroves are also extremely beneficial in reducing atmospheric carbon, which is crucial for protection against climate change.

We understand the extreme challenges the people of Kulhudhuffushi face in accessing Hanimaadhoo Airport (having to pay as much as MVR 1000 for the 20 minute ride). However, we believe this concern can be addressed by investing in a reliable, affordable, comfortable public ferry system. An airport is an extremely expensive investment with low returns. Given the employment data from other domestic airports, it will create maximum 40‐100 jobs. However, if money is invested in essential services in the island such as tertiary medical services and higher education, better job opportunities will be created. And the demand to fly to Malé for basic needs will also be reduced.

Maldives is extremely vulnerable to climate change. We receive millions of dollars each year for climate change mitigation and adaptation measures. Just this year we received USD 23 million from the Green Climate Fund. It is hypocritical to actively destroy our most critical ecosystems while taking this money. As the chair of Alliance Of Small Island States (AOSIS) and our obligations under international environmental conventions, we must show leadership in taking action against climate change.

The Environmental Impact Assessment done for the project itself states that “the positive impacts might not outweigh the negative impacts associated with the project”. We ask you to therefore reconsider the development of the airport by reclaiming the mangrove of Kulhudhuffushi and causing irreversible damage to island ecosystem.

Cameroon: release forest defender Nasako Besingi NOW!

Cameroon: release forest defender Nasako Besingi NOW!

In an early-morning raid on September 25, Cameroonian police officers and soldiers arrested environmentalist Nasako Besingi and trashed the office of his NGO. He has not been seen since. Besingi has been opposing palm oil projects for years and has been imprisoned several times. Please demand his immediate release.

Save the Mangrove Forest in Pitas (Sabah), Eastern Malaysia

Save the Mangrove Forest in Pitas (Sabah), Eastern Malaysia

The mangrove forests in Pitas, Malaysia are under threat. In less than two years, more than 2,000 acres of mangrove forests have been destroyed to create shrimp ponds, violating the local communities’ rights and environmental regulations. The last 1,000 acres of community mangrove forests are now also targeted for expansion. Please help the indigenous communities in Pitas to protect and conserve their remaining forests.

You can help push for real change by endorsing the letter calling on Musa Aman, Chief Minister of Sabah, Malaysia, to stop the destruction of community mangrove forests in Pitas.

Sign here now

Below you can find a summary of the situation in Pitas and the call for support – it would be much appreciated if you could share this widely with your networks. If you have questions or would like to receive additional information on this case, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


In 2010, the Malaysian government launched a new economic initiative aimed at turning Malaysia into a high-income economy by 2020. One of the projects under this plan sought to tackle extreme poverty in the district of Pitas, one of the poorest in Sabah, by establishing the country’s largest shrimp farm and promising job opportunities for local communities. Instead, the project has led to the destruction of the mangrove forests which are their main source of food and income.

So far, all of the communities’ complaints and calls for action have been unanswered. The communities’ hope is that strong international support will lend increased weight to the letter, which they will resubmit to the Sabah Chief Minister, Musa Aman, along with the list of all endorsements. Please consider giving them your support by signing the letter before 15th February 2017.

For those of you who would like to know more, pls. see the following:

Video on the situation in Pitas

Article in The Ecologist on the situation in Pitas

Call to Action for solidarity with the Pitas communities shared by Land Rights Now

Cancun’s millenarian mangrove swamp destroyed in just one day to give way to building complex

Cancun’s millenarian mangrove swamp destroyed in just one day to give way to building complex

Crocodiles were buried alive along with numerous others animal species who inhabited Cancun’s mangrove swamp after excavators destroyed it last Saturday. Grass-root organisation Save The Mangrove, which had set up camp inside in other to protect the flora and fauna of the area, explained that around 200 police dressed up in riot gear guarded this operation.

Machinery working round the clock non-stop destroyed 90% of Cancun’s last wild nature enclave injust one day. The Federal government authorised this action carried out together with the go ahead of the Mexican National Fund for Fomenting Tourism (Fonatur). The 57 hectares of mangrove swamp, which are now just rubble, will be destined to building a residential area, a commercial centre and a catholic church, amongst other plans, in the area known as Malecon Tajamar.

Neighbors, activists, grassroots organisations and NGOs such as Greenpeace Mexico have all signed a petition in the platform Change.or asking the local government of Quintana Roo to stop this ecocide and paralise activity. You can sign the petition here

Photo of dead crocodiles: Cuartoscuro/Elizabeth Ruizdestruction foto of ground by Patricia Festa

Photo of dead crocodiles: Cuartoscuro/Elizabeth Ruizdestruction foto of ground by Patricia Festa

Grass-root organisation Save Tajamar Mangrove managed to suspend works on Wednesday after a court hearing dictated the provisional suspension of activities until a home is found for all the animals that are left to die. Activists explained that during the week mysterious looking men had been coming to the area and taking live crocodiles away in black plastic bags.

It seems that the petition has come too late but there are still many stranded animals left and hope that something can be done. Neighbors of Cancun have been protesting in the streets of the city in a desperate attempt to inform the population. There is a demonstration planned for tomorrow to continue raising awareness. In the meantime activists guard the area hoping that the court order is respected.

Corporate watch published a news story last month about the movements of resistance to protect Cancun’s mangrove swamp and the importance of such ecosystems. You can read the story here.
written by Almudena Serpis

Mangrove Action Project proposes a call for action by sending a letters to those in government who can help stop this destruction.

Address of governor of Quitana Roo (Cancun’s province)

Roberto Borge Angulo
Palacio de Gobierno, Av. 22 de Enero s/n, 2o. piso, Col. Centro, Chetumal, Q. Roo., C.P. 77000
Telephone (983) 835.0500, Ext. 1177
email address [email protected]

Proposed text
We urge the government of Cancun to permanently stop the devastation of the mangrove swamp at Malecón Tajamar, that all animals left stranded are found a new home and that justice is made after the destruction of this precious natural enclave.

In Spanish:
Urgimos al gobierno de Cancun el cese definitivo de la devastación del manglar de Malecón Takamar, que todos los animales sean realojados debidamente y que se haga justicia tras la destrucción de este preciado enclave natural.

maleconpedrocanche maleconpedro1 Pictures by jourlanist Pedro Canche

video of the destruction by PlayGround :

El manglar de Tajamar, en Cancún, acaba de sufrir los demoledores efectos de la fiebre inmobiliaria.

Posted by PlayGround on Wednesday, January 20, 2016

GIF by Tercera Via Mx

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