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“By comparison to what {the climate accord} could have been, it’s a miracle. By comparison to what it should have been, it’s a disaster.


Just a few days ago, 196 countries approved a historic climate accord in Paris. The goal to limit climbing global temperatures to 1.5°C is ambitious, but it still leaves mangroves and mangrove communities around the world to face rising seas and ocean acidification that could destroy marine food chains. These precious forests, and the people and ecosystems that rely on them, need our help.

That’s where you come in, MAPster.

Mangroves can be part of the solution: they can store about 30 million tons of carbon a year in their soils, nearly 5 times as much as the rainforests. That’s like taking more than 7 million cars off the road – every year.

But mangroves don’t stop at carbon. They’re ecological heroes, providing food, fuel, and fiber to millions of coastal residents, like Mr. Bung Bao.

Mr. Bung Bao lives in the Laem Makham Village in Thailand. He is descended from a long line of fishermen who have lived next to the mangroves and utilized them for generations. Locally he is known as the “mangrove expert”.

When the village was identified as one of our project locations, he immediately stepped forward, excited to contribute to the restoration of an area his family and village hold sacred. His local knowledge was particularly important, supporting the project implementation and restoration of an abandoned rice paddy adjacent to his village.

By creating new channels for water to flow through the land, soil conditions improved, so the team was able to prepare the area to allow natural colonization of mangroves.

Help support community-based livelihoods

Several months later Bung Bao was excited to announce: “Now that the mangroves have started to grow and the hydrology of the area has improved, fish and crabs have begun to populate the water ways providing the village with extra food and income from selling them at the market.”

You can help combat climate change and support community-based livelihoods to people around the world. You can take the Paris climate agreement further, right now, by supporting the restoration of critical mangrove forests.

You can be a hero for the mangroves, MAPster. Give the gift of a sustainable future with a donation of $35 today*.

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